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Vyasa Yoga - Promotion Of Positive Health

Sudhir Parikh

Please be advised about the dates for Residential YOGA Trainings during the weekends of Oct. 22nd (Voorhees, NJ) and Oct. 29th (Laxmi Niwas, NH).  

In addition, here is the Link to fill out for STUDENTS / Stressed ADULTS :   

This is the Survey for Students :    

This ZOOM program is proposed for our youngsters:  They, while studying, seem to be under lots of Pressure- Stress.  So every so often, we hear about someone committing suicide at such an young age.  So our focus is on how to deal with Stress under any and all circumstances!  Even the survey we took a few months back revealed that one of the biggest concern they have is STRESS!  This was echoed by the parents  too.  So please have your youngsters complete this form.  If they prefer weekends early morning, we are ready to work with them.  We have a few Trained Teachers.   Even adults are welcome to join!  

So please promote this Yoga Program.   Parents should be also aware of this program so that they can guide and help their youngsters!  

Sooner we understand these Principles, better off we are!   It will be offered at no cost to the students and voluntary contribution for adults.  

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