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Yoga Programs Offered By Nataraja Yoga Center

Press Release

Please fill out the SURVEY to help us plan & decide the details!  There will be two Residential Weekend Trainings which will be offered during the weekends of Oct. 22nd and Oct. 29th.  One of them will be at Laxmi Niwas, Goffstown NH and the other one in Cherry Hill NJ.  This Training has created 34 new yoga teachers and some have it as part of their Life and/or Career as teaching to others.  Vidya Daan is the Daan of Highest Order!  God Bless the readers and especially the ones who will undertake this YOGA Training ! 

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Yoga participation survey Form-1 (For Adults and Students ) Sept/Oct 2021 classes! PS: Please fill this form by Wed, Sept 22nd, 2021.
Dear Parents and Students,

We have been requested to create a program for kids (Age 8-22) to deal with the current day to day stresses in their lives.
Kindly ask your child to participate in the yoga program and complete the below form with them to participate.

This is a free yoga learning, practicing group- to learn how to deal with the daily physical, mental stresses and lead a stress free life! This Yoga Training will include how to remain Energetic, Enthusiastic and always Inspired!

Feel free to share this form's links with your families, friends and your kids friends too who may be interested in it.

Thank you.
Nataraja yoga teachers!

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