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The Divine Traditionals:Tulsi- Sur- Kabir

Ranjani Saigal

Composer musician Kiran Nath hosted a music dance virtual fest coinciding with the release of an album music single. The event featured the Nath family, Ranjani Saigal, Parveen Minocha, Manisha Jain, Parul Kumar, Sanjay Kaul, Chanchala Priyadarshini, Nikita Minocha, Pradeep Shukla, Vandana Tiwari Sharma, Manorama Chaudhary, Meena and Apurva Mehta. The single was released by the Consul of New York. 

The event was held on Friday, Aug 20 and was dedicated to Kiran Nath’s older sister who recently lost her battle to cancer.  Parveen Minocha welcomed the audience and introduced the program. Chanchala Priyadarshini took the stage and gave great literary insights into the works of Tulsidas, Sur Das and Kabir Das.This was followed by an introduction to the Tulsidas presentations by Ranjani Saigal.  The musical part of the evening opened with an innovative presentation of Shri Ramachandra where Manisha Jain, Parveen Minocha, Manorama Choudhury and Meena Mehta recited the verses that were sung by Kiran Nath. Nikita Minocha beautifully danced to the accompaniment of Kiran Nath ji’s music. The next piece Tumaka Chalatha Ramachandra was sung by Kiran Nath ji with dance accompaniment by Ranjani Saigal. Sanjay Kaul ji introduced the chief guest, Vipul Dev who is the Consul at the New York Consulate. The Consul released the album Tose Araj Karun Sanwariya. Ranjani Saigal danced to the musical single. 

The segment on Surdas opened with two songs by Kiran Nath sling with Kunal Nath and Shameek Nath. A very innovative Jhanki with folk style dance was presented for Gokul Mein Baajat Badhaayee by Vandana Tiwari Sharma, Parveen Minocha, Manisha Jain, Manorama Choudhury, Meena and Apurva  Mehta. 

The final segment for the evening on Kabir Das was introduced by Manisha Jain. One piece in this segment was presented by Dr. Pradeep Shukla and the other by the Nath Family.  Finally a beautiful sculpture made by Mridula Satyamurthi was displayed. 

Kiran Nath is not only a brilliant musician but also has the unique ability to attract fellow artists to collaborate with her. Each participant worked brilliantly to make this a very special presentation. The narrations, dances and the music blended seamlessly to make the whole event a beautiful  musical treat. 

We eagerly await the next musical album release from Kiran Nath. 

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