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Yoga Programs Offered By Nataraja Yoga Center

Sudhir Parikh

Covers all the Basics of YOGA 

Everyone should understand minimum of YOGA System.   Sri Krishna told Arjun that Tasmad Yogi Bhavah:  Arjun you have to become YOGI.    We all have to be YOGI !  How can we live every Moment of our Life as YOGI - Fearless - Stress Free - Healthy - Blissful...  How can we relax in matter of Minutes better than 6 to 6 hours of Sleep.  This Program covers that.  25-30 hours of Training is one of the Best Investment of our Precious Time.   

ZOOM Training starts as of Sept 7th Tuesday.   Once we have the group, we may come up with new Days and Time.  For Students, we will have Special Consideration for Payment.  
Sooner, we start on this journey, better off we are on our SPIRITUAL Journey ... In YOGA, in Blessings, In Bliss !!!

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