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KAMS Charity Presents 'Geeta Govinda'

Press Release

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, KAMS Charity  (www.facebook.com/kamscharityboston) brings to you “Geeta Govinda” (pastimes of Sri Radha and Krishna) written by famous Poet Sri Jayadeva in12th century and composed by Pandit Sri Gopal Chandra Panda (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gopal_Chandra_Panda). Panditji is a Researcher, Vocalist and Composer who has worked tirelessly to compose the 24 Geeta Govinda songs into 8 original Raga-Tala based on 12th century poet Sri Jayadeva.
The virtual Global Musical Event will include performances of songs composed by Panditji and performed by famous artists that are trained under his lineage in its original Raga-Taal.

KAMS Charity cordially invites you to come and enjoy the wonderful Global Musical event on this divine occasion. KAMS Charity is expecting devotees, music lovers and artists from around 22 countries for this event. 

This virtual global musical event is going to be streamed Live on Zoom and Facebook on August 29th, 2021 at 10.30 AM USA Eastern/7.30 AM PST/ 8 PM India. This is a free event for all.  

This event will be live in KAMSCharity Facebook Page and Zoom and will be live from a studio in India. 

Geeta Govinda delineates the love of Lord Krishna for Radha. The milkmaid, his faithlessness, and subsequent return to her. The Gita Govinda is an incredible work composed by Jayadeva in the 12th-century. The holy Geeta Gobinda explains the relationship between Krishna and the gopis (female cow herders) of Vrindavana, and in particular, one gopi named Radha. The Geeta Govinda by Jayadeva has twelve chapters. Each chapter is again sub-divided into twenty-four divisions called Prabandhas. The Prabandhas contain couplets grouped into eights, called Ashtapadis. It is mentioned that Radha is greater than Krishna. The text also elaborates on the eight moods of Heroine, the Ashta Nayika, which has been an inspiration for many compositions and choreographic works in Indian classical dances. 

About Jayadeva - 12th Century Famous poet 

Jayadeva is widely considered as one of the earliest musicians of Odissi music from the 12th century. Every night during the Badasinghara(putting Load Jagannath to bed) or the last ritual of the Jagannatha temple of Puri, the Gitagovinda of Jayadeva is sung, set to traditional Odissi ragas & talas. This tradition has continued unbroken since the time of Jayadeva, who himself used to sing in the temple. After the time of the poet, the singing of the Geeta Govinda according to the authentic Odissi ragas & talas was instated as a mandatory sevā at the temple, to be performed by the Maharis or Devadasis, systematically recorded in inscriptions, the Mādalā Pānji and other official documents that describe the functioning of the temple.

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