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Chinmaya Mission Boston - Bala Vihar Registration Information For 2021-22

Press Release

Chinmaya Mission Boston - Bala Vihar Registration Information for 2021-22

We hope that you and your families are all staying healthy. Based on the feedback received via the parent survey here in Andover, as well as keeping the health & safety of all our members we have decided to continue to offer only online classes for fall 2021. Bala Vihar, Language & Satsang classes will all be held online, and we will follow the same Sunday schedule as the current school year.

Children are the major focus at Chinmaya Mission Boston. The goal of the Bala Vihar program is to â€œwake up the sleeping giant” within and inspire them to reach their maximum potential. This is achieved by imparting a value-based education through a specially designed, age appropriate curriculum that has been carefully developed by expert Chinmaya Acharyas. Through inspiring stories, projects, role-playing, and songs, a child’s mind is awakened to the higher. â€œWhy We Do What We Do” is a recurring theme throughout the curriculum. The children are taught by a team of specially trained and dedicated volunteer teachers.

Teenagers in high school transition to an introduction to Hindu Culture where the foundation is laid for studying the Bhagavad Gita and other texts. The classes provide a forum to discuss, debate and understand the wisdom in the Gita and designed to stimulate independent thinking and increase the awareness of the inherent potential within each individual. High school students are encouraged to volunteer in community and social service activities with the goal of preparing today’s youth to be responsible and successful adults of tomorrow.

We are also starting the Amrutha Vihar program for children with disabilities to come together for social interaction, spiritual growth and learning.

Please register (https://www.cmbmembers.org/) at the earliest to be guaranteed a slot in the session of your choice! For general information, please visit https://chinmaya-boston.org/

Any questions regarding registration or plans for next year, please email cmbproject@gmail.com .


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