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Nationwide Search For South Asian Dancers And Performers For New Musical “Bhangin’ It”

Press Release

Bhangin' It - a new American musical featuring South Asian-American performers in principal and ensemble roles exploring identity in today's America - will premiere in La Jolla Playhouse’s upcoming 2021-2022 Season. The creative team is currently doing a nationwide search for South Asian dancers/performers to fill many of the roles.


Winner of the Richard Rodgers Award, Bhangin’ It is written by Mike Lew and Rehana Lew Mirza & music and lyrics by Sam Willmott. Additional music is provided by Grammy-nominated artist Deep Singh. Amy Anders Corcoran is the director.


Award-winning choreographer Rujuta Vaidya will lead the choreography team and had this to say about the show: "Bhangin It is a true extravaganza of a variety of dance styles. The musical showcases bhangra in its many styles along with bollywood, kathak, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary and other dance forms all set in a collegiate bhangra environment. For the first time ever you get to see all these amazing dance forms performed with live vocals taking you into the world of true musical theater." With choreography credits that include the 2009 Academy Awards – John Legend and AR Rahman’s SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE performance, Britney Spears’ The Circus tour, and her latest project with Madhuri Dixit on “Dance with Madhuri”,  Ruj is a leading influence in the world of contemporary Bollywood dance for the past 30+ years.


Vaidya will be working with Anushka Pushpala on all of the riveting bhangra numbers in the show. As Artistic Director of Bhangra Empire - the acclaimed group which has performed at the White House and on America’s Got Talent - Pushpala brings 23 years of dance experience to the musical. She has an extensive background in the bhangra collegiate circuit and will join the project as a Bhangra Consultant.


SRC Partners is on board as the Casting and Cultural Consultants for Bhangin' It. Co-founders Rohi Mirza Pandya and Sandhya Jain-Patel are working with the show’s Casting Directors Calleri Jensen Davis and La Jolla Playhouse’s Director of In-House Casting Jacole Kitchen to secure the right talent for the show and find community partners who can help bring this groundbreaking musical to a national audience.


Bhangin' It is still casting and actively looking to see talented contenders that reflect the entire multitudes and shades of the diaspora for the roles below.


Bhangin’ It 


March 8 – April 17, 2022

La Jolla Playhouse – California

Book by Mike Lew and Rehana Lew Mirza | Music & Lyrics by Sam Willmott

Additional Music by Deep Singh | Choreography by Rujuta Vaidya

Directed by Amy Anders Corcoran


Winner of the Richard Rodgers Award, Bhangin’ It is an exhilarating new musical that celebrates the traditions we inherit from yesterday and those we create for tomorrow. When a young woman finds her identity cannot be defined by checking a box, she sets off on a quest to dance to her own beat. Drawing from competitive Bhangra and mixing it with other Indian and Western dance forms alike, Bhangin’ It is a brash, intoxicating and joyous musical for America today.


Seeking the below roles (full breakdown of all the roles available on the La Jolla Playhouse website - https://lajollaplayhouse.org/bhangin-it-casting/): 


PREETI – 20s - character portrayed as female, South Asian American. A tough, no-nonsense Punjabi who's proud of her culture and has no time for foolery.  Strong mix-belt. PRINCIPAL. 


REKHA – 40s-60s - character portrayed as female, Indian immigrant who has lived in the US for 20 years. An ex-Bollywood-star-turned-restaurateur. Alto.  PRINCIPAL. 


NEW MARY - 20s,  - character portrayed as female, South Asian American. Freshman brought on as a ringer to replace Mary, defers to the group. Some singing required.


SHILPA - 20s  - character portrayed as female, South Asian American. Dancer, non-biologically related twinsies with Shetal (kinda the nice one). Some singing required.


BIG BOB - 20s  - character portrayed as male, South Asian American. The Bengal Tigers' bighearted Dancer/Spotter, sometimes prone to freaking out. Some singing required.


GOBIND – 20s - character portrayed as male, South Asian American (Sikh). An upbeat, turban-wearing chemistry major. He loves bhangra with all his heart and also his two left feet. Tenor.


MOHAN - 20s - character portrayed as male, South Asian American (Sikh). Turban-wearing dancer, sensitive feminist. Some singing required.


VARUN -  - 20s  - character portrayed as male, South Asian American. Dancer, bro-y, premed major, beer pong minor. Some singing required.




In order to break down barriers of traditional theater auditions regardless of whether you are represented by an agent or not, we are inviting you to show us what you’ve got!


We are seeking submissions for the upcoming La Jolla Playhouse production of Bhangin’ It.


The musical will feature various types of South Asian dance and music including everything from bhangra to kathak and ghazals to classics.


If you think you can dance – please submit.

If you think you can sing – please submit.

If you think you can sing AND dance – absolutely submit!




For REKHA and PREETI – We will consider all submissions that arrive by Friday, July 9th at 5pm EST

For NEW MARY, SHILPA, BIG BOB, GOBIND, MOHAN, and VARUN – We will consider all submissions that arrive by Friday, July 23rd at 5pm EST


Must be available in-person for a workshop in New York City (9/27/21 - 10/15/21) and for the production process and run at La Jolla Playhouse (1/24/22 - 4/17/22)


For more information and to submit materials, click the link below:


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