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FISCO Received CHNA15 Grant

Press Release

We are very proud to announce that The Friends of Indian Senior Citizens Organization (FISCO) (https://thefisco.org/) of Burlington, MA, has received a grant from Community Health Network Area (CHNA)15 to undertake an adult mental health program for seniors of Indian origin and others. We thank Mrs. Gouri Banerjee, co-founder of Saheli, Boston to lead us through entire process to the finish line and achieve this milestone. Thank you!

With the help of two collaborators— Saheli, Support and Friendship for South Asian Women of Burlington (www.saheliboston.org), and the Council of Aging Burlington (https://www.burlington.org/509/Council-On-Aging) the program will organize three educational webinars on the mental health challenges faced by immigrant seniors and offer community support, professional guidance and referrals. There will also be four training workshops for families working with elders who are isolated, have depression and face other mental health challenges. The program will be conducted over twelve months July 2021 June 2022.  FISCO hopes to educate, train, inform and share resources with seniors in twelve CHNA15 communities centered around Burlington.  FISCO welcomes all seniors to join us for Meditation, group chats, picnics, travel to interesting places, and pick up a hot lunch every Wednesday in Burlington, MA. Come and join singles and couples and form beautiful friendships. FISCO is a very supportive, caring and nurturing group and welcomes you warmly. Meetings will be held both online and in person.

If you are a mental health professional, speak a South Asian language, and wish to be involved in this bold new initiative, we invite you to write to:

 Mr. Raman Gandhi, President, at  ram2005gandhi@yahoo.com

With the funds given by CHNA15, FISCO will make two part-time staff appointments:

·       a program coordinator working 15 hours per month

·       a web assistant working 5 hours per month.

If you are interested, please write to Ms. Rita Shah at rita.saheli@gmail.com

OR Raman Gandhi at ram2005gandhi@yahoo.com

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