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Indian Americans Of Lexington Raise Money For COVID Relief In India


Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a Sanskrit phrase found in the Upanishads (ancient Hindu texts), which means "the world is one family". The Indian Americans of Lexington (IAL) are deeply appreciative of the emotional support we have received from the residents of Lexington during the horrific COVID-19 crisis that is still continuing in India. Many have also contributed financially to the relief efforts and we are extremely grateful for your generosity.

IAL’s collaboration with the American India Foundation (AIF) was specifically targeted to raise funds for a program called “The First Million''. This program is targeted towards priority vaccination for a million of the most vulnerable and marginalized Indians. It is a part of a larger Response Strategy that includes a three-pronged effort to address the Covid crisis – Health Facility Intervention, Frontline Health Worker Intervention and Community-centered Intervention. More information on this important initiative can be found at www.aif.org. This partnership between IAL and AIF was particularly important since it offered a safe and vetted avenue for Lexington residents to donate. Thank you to all who contributed.

We want to also recognize and offer a special note of appreciation to the several community and cultural organizations including CAAL, CALex, KOLex and JPLex who donated to the cause, publicized the initiative and made this fundraising effort very successful. We thank you and truly appreciate your support during these unprecedented times and for making us feel like one family!


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