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Satsang Center: Guru Purnima And Patotsav

Press Release

SATSANG Center is very pleased to announce that Center will be open for upcoming PROGRAMS of Sri guru Purniuma on July 10th  (NEW DATE) Sat from 5 PM till about 7 PM.  Niru and sudhir Parikh Parivar would like to extend Personal Invitation to all the readers. You can bring your Guruji's picture or any gifts he -/ she has showered on you and your family.  If you wish to say something about your Experience with your Guruji, you are welcome to present in 2 to 3 minutes.  In that case, please contact Sudhir 603-661-7101.

On July 11th, SATSANG will be celebrating 21st PATOTSAV since SATSANG installed these beautiful Moorties and dod Prem - Prathishtha on July 09, 2000.  You can take part in your Ishtha Dev oe Devi's Pujan by sponsoring for $111/-    If you cannot come to SATSANG Center for some reason, you can do it on ZOOM and you will be given a special link to join. At your earliest convenience either you can mail the check of $111/- sponsorship to SATSANG Center, One Pleasant St. Woburn, MA 01801 or deposit in the Bhet Peti when you come to the SATSANG Center.  Please do NOT hand over personally to anyone. 

SATSANG Center is OPEN now for the use of it's facilities., for Personal Programs such as wedding, Shraddhanjali Bhajans, etc.   However, we have to Observe Safety Guidelines esp. wearing mask, social distancing etc.  You can go to www.satsangcenter.com for further details on contributions for the use of the facility.  Pleasee call Uttambhai - 617-312-7189 or Sudhir 603-661-7101.

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