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Laugh A While


A tiny but dignified old lady was among a group looking at an art exhibition in a newly opened gallery. Suddenly one contemporary painting caught her eye.
"What on earth," she inquired of the artist standing nearby, "is that?"
He smiled condescendingly. "That, my dear lady, is supposed to be a mother and her child."
"Well, then," snapped the little old lady, "why isn't it?"

A visitor to Picasso's studio found the artist staring bleakly at a painting on the easel. To cheer him up, the visitor blurted out, "It's a masterpiece!"
"No, no, the nose is all wrong. It throws the whole thing out of perspective."
"Then why not change the nose?"
"I can't find it."

A young couple Wilier and Kay, were exploring the exhibits at the 
new Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles one Sunday afternoon, when they came upon the museum's famous collection of Eighteenth-Century French Impressionist Art.
Suddenly Wilbur, unfamiliar as he was with the fine points of the
period, came across a well-known painting which he mistakenly thought
was an example of pointillism. He immediately called his wife over 
and naively exclaimed, ... Kay, Seurat! Seurat!
She took one bored look at the painting and replied, ... Whatever,
Wilby, Wilby.

The artist tried to concentrate on his work, but the attraction he felt for his model finally became irresistible. He threw down his palette, took her in his arms and kissed her.
She pushed him away. "Maybe you let other models let you kiss them," 
she said.
"I've never tried to kiss a model before," he swore.
"Really," she said, softening. "How many models have there been?"
"Four," he replied. "A jug, two apples and a vase."

An artist decided to buy a new easel.  He wasn't too sure what type to get. At the art shop they offered him two, a big one and a small one. He pondered for a while and finally decided on the lesser of two easels.

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