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Providing An Inclusive Business Experience For Indian-Americans

Chrissy Jones

Providing An Inclusive Business Experience For Indian-Americans

Discrimination is sadly something that many Indian-Americans will face during the course of their lifetime, and often from inside their own communities. Al Jazeera has highlighted a handful of recent cases in which American businesses have acted in a discriminatory manner towards their own Indian-American employees, in stark contrast to the values that many expect from American business and society. This isn’t just an issue limited to Indians in America, either; there’s a lot that businesses could be doing to promote inclusivity and ensure that every customer receives the respect they deserve.

Targeting disability

People with disabilities form up to 61 million of the USA’s population, or one in four overall. Asian Americans, including Indians, are particularly affected, and the Department of Education statistics show that they are more likely to be diagnosed with disability in childhood. Disability, therefore, can have a disproportionate impact on the Indian-American community, and this is something businesses should be acutely aware of. As it stands, many businesses do not do enough to improve their inclusivity. Businesses can take small steps to improve inclusivity without having to break the bank. Even just having a progressive mindset, where the potential needs of the disabled population are at the forefront of any thinking when it comes to hiring, can have a sizable impact on how those living with disability feel represented in business, and how accessible they believe the product they are looking at really is.

Understanding the emotional impact

Unfortunately, many Indian Americans experience discrimination on a daily basis from other sections of American society. A report by the Washington Post has highlighted how many Indian Americans are subjected to a degrading experience in public by people that perhaps should know better – questioning their heritage, place of birth, and so on. Community business leaders can provide a much more inclusive space by looking to always operate on the front foot in business, and provide a space that is safe and doesn’t come attached to any discriminatory practices – both for Indian Americans inside the community, and newcomers from in or outside of the USA.

Leaving discrimination in the past

Taking this approach for people can help business owners to remove any sense of deference, or class, from how they operate their business. Doing away with class systems has been a long part of achieving equality in the USA, ever since the time of MLK, as The Guardian explores. Small gestures like these, and a genuine attitude of looking to work with people from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, can make a world of difference when it comes to making people feel included and, indeed, empowered, by your business.

Bringing this together will help businesses to be a real stand-out place of comfort and provide great service for Indian Americans. Beating discrimination and ensuring fair service requires thoughtfulness and dedication, but is something absolutely achievable for every single business.

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