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Technology - Environmental Management Software System

Mikunj Joshi

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The EPA-EMS Management System (EMSS) is a web based software application that supports the EPA’s Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation. In May 2003 the US Copyright Office awarded EMSS a copyright# Txu-1-093-119.

EMS Development is a very resource intensive work resulting in lower motivation to pursue one. Our primary aim in developing the software was to reduce these resource requirements. Our research and experience showed a reduction of up to 35% in some cases was possible. Competing products have proved to be too labor intensive and in some cases too inflexible. By making the product flexible and user friendly we have tried to create a differentiation. This has been acknowledged by participants during our demonstrations.

This product has been designed to meet the needs of federal, state, municipal and higher education public sector entities to develop and implement an EPA EMS program. The existing software applications available to the industry have been designed primarily for use by the private sector seeking adherence to the ISO 14001 certification standard (not EPA’s EMS). These software applications are typically complex, nonflexible and strictly structured, to assure that an agency follow a flow pattern specifically aimed to the ISO 14001 standard.

EMSS enables an agency to develop an EMS by accessing numerous online web based software tools that include a web homepage customized to the agency; EPA-EMS formatted document templates, a document management and control tool and internal message board for effective communication. These tools help the agency coordinate multiple sites and fence lines, manage teams, documents and calendars and generate reports for audits.

The novel aspect of our software is that it is developed by a public facility that received direct training from EPA personnel and EMS program development and implementation consultants. This learning experience provided a means to partner with EPA and develop a software application that achieves the EMS program expectations. The software application assists an agency to strive toward ISO certification or to the less stringent EMS implementation.

The software system is currently being reviewed by UMASS Lowell’s Research Foundation for commercial viability. We are also pursuing external financing opportunities through Venture Capital and other Institutional funding. We have presented the system to some prospective clients like the EPA, GETF – EPA’s Technology Consultants, local colleges and universities and municipalities throughout the U.S.

Mikunj Joshi works as a Business Systems Analyst for Fidelity Investments and holds a MS in Computer Science and a MBA.

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