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IAGB's 4th Annual Fitness (5K Walk/Run) Event

Press Release

IAGB's 4th Annual Fitness (5K Walk/Run) Event - #ChaleChaloIAGB – Let’s Keep Movin’
May 8 - 9th 2021

IAGB looks forward to its 4th year in succession capturing the spirit of life, energy and promote and maintain healthy lifestyles with its Annual Walk/Run in New England while supporting a noble cause. Rightly christened #ChaleChaloIAGB Walk/Run 2021 will be a unique event to be held in these strange COVID times on May 8th – 9th. In line with last year’s Bhaag IAGB Bhaag 5k Run/Walk event, this event promises to be an enjoyable activity this summer.

In the last four years, IAGB held this annual event to create awareness and help raise funds for local pantries and homeless shelters. In 2020, as part of the Covid Cares Relief initiative IAGB donated over $15,000 to local pantries, homeless shelters and emergency help centers to care for those affected by the pandemic. 

The proceeds from #ChaleChaloIAGB will support Vision-Aid and IAGB Activities.  Vision-Aid is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to enable, educate and empower persons with vision-related disabilities. Learn more about Vision-Aid at www.visionaid.org.

“We have found tremendous participation in the last 3 years for IAGB’s Annual Walk/Run while supporting a cause and grateful to everyone who participated and supported generously to help those in need.  We ask everyone to support this year again and the proceeds will help Vision-Aid and IAGB. Vision-Aid is an amazing organization doing some really impressive work with great dedication to help those visually impaired. IAGB has been extremely busy with various efforts and events and planning an array of activities to mark the 75th India’s Independence celebration”, Says Sanjay Gowda IAGB President.

With the pandemic still going on, families and kids are still hunkered down warily venturing out and doing most activities online. #ChaleChaloIAGB offers a unique experience where families can choose to meet at specific spots selected by IAGB or performing their preferred activities wherever they prefer while still being able to connect with the community and sharing the fun and at the same time supporting a cause.   In addition to Walk or Run, this year the participants can choose any physical activity to participate. It is IAGB’s attempt to help keep everyone focused on healthy living, spread a little playful humor all while doing some good deeds in the process. 

“Spring is here, a perfect time to get out and enjoy the views of public parks and trails of beautiful New England. In addition to 5K walk or run, there are additional physical activities and choose one of these activities or take up any of your favorite one. Encourage your friends and family to participate and support the cause”, says, Sushil Motwani, IAGB Director, who leads this effort.

In this family-friendly event, Families and friends can choose any of these activities – Run, Walk, Group Exercise (Kickboxing, Step, CrossFit, BollyX), Biking/Spinning, Yoga or Hiking. Individuals or families can register, set their own pace and goals for a time of 30 minutes or as long as they want.  


This event is a self-participating, non-staffed event where registrants will complete any chosen activity on their own. IAGB has identified 4 locations where registrants can also meet and participate in a group at the #ChaleChaloIAGB event. These are:


·       Heart Pond – Chelmsford – Bruce Freeman Trail

·       Bedford Minuteman Trail

·       Assabet River Rail Trail – Marlboro RR Station

·       Nashua Rail Road Trail


IAGB encourages you to, take a picture of yourself or the family at the event and post on Instagram/Facebook with the #ChaleChaloIAGB.


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