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Bal Ashram Students In Jaipur, India Learning AI Virtually From US During Pandemic

Press Release

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi's Bal Ashram students, 4-6 grades, in Jaipur India are learning Scratch Coding and Games virtually, with donated classes by TechnogenesisGlobal, Inc., an edu-tech non-profit based in Princeton-New Jersey, during the pandemic.

The classes are led by Bal Ashram's Kinsu Kumar, who recently was awarded the Billion Acts of Peace Award by Peace Jam. 


Billion Acts of Peace, initiative of the PeaceJam Foundation, a global movement led by fourteen Nobel Peace Prize Winners and youth around the world with the ambitious goal of creating One Billion Acts of Peace by 2021, and in doing so, inspiring everyday people to change the world – one Act of Peace at a time. 

The one month pilot program was taught by American teachers skilled in technology. The future classes will explore robotics, 3D printing, other topics, and aligned with ILO 2025 goals and UN's SDG 2030.

Bal Ashram formed in 1998, is the rehabilitation and training center of Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement) catering for the special needs of victims of child labour. It provides rescued children with the compassion, education and vocational training they so desperately need. 

"I am grateful to TechnogenesisGlobal for generous donation of their time and expertise and for not giving up on my persistent request about these wonderful angels " said Kumu Gupta, who has been working with Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi on child labor issues for some time. 

2021 being marked as International Year of Elimination of Child Labor by ILO (International Labor Organization) , a U.N. body, Kumu sent in a proposal to U.N. Stamps to issue a stamp commomerating the occassion and is working with her Congressman to pass legislation for US companies to buy child labor free goods in US and globally. Kumu also sent in a proposal to Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, now US Labor Secretary for commorating 2021 as Elimination of Child Labor year once he took office.

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