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Promotion Of Positive Health - Yoga Teachers Training

Sudhir Parikh

Nataraja Yoga Center is offering second session of PPH - YIC in 2021.  We all want to be something and we want our Kids to be Something, like doctors, engineers .... but our culture says Be YOGI first.  Then whatever, we select as our career, we will be able to perform like YOGI.  Look at Sri Narendrabhai Modi.  YOGI ji - CM of UP.   They are Yogi first, and then look at their performance.  
We follow basically YOGA as prescribed by sVYASA YOGA University of Bangalore.  Swami Vivekananda YOGA AnuSamsthan (Research) Samsthan (Foundation).   We also include Pran YOGA teaching by Swami Ram Dev and other Institutions. 

We invite especially youngsters from high school and college.  So that they start their journey early, drive slowly and reach their goal safely.  

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