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Aprajita - The Resilient Artist


Madhuriya Art House brings you stalwarts and rising stars from across the globe in a thought-provoking, immersive and enjoyable 3-day celebration of the undaunted spirit in all artists. 

Aprajita - The Resilient Artist Join us on FB Live! 16-18 April 2021 

 Hosting partners and sponsors - The Nehru Centre, London 

The Resilient Artist ✨ Spotlighting artist: Guru Debi Basu. 
Watch her perform on Day 1. Join us April 16 on FB Live at 2:00 PM UK Time

The Resilient Artist ✨ Spotlighting artist: Rakesh Sai Babu. 
Watch him perform on Day 2. Join us April 17 on FB Live at 2:00 PM UK Time 

The Resilient Artist, so here it begins: Spotlighting our artists, Nehha Bhatnagar & Phil Scarff. Watch them open Day 3 of Aprajita. ✨ Join us on April 18 on FB Live at 2 pm UK time 

The Resilient Artist ✨ Spotlighting our artists: Anuradha Chaturvedi & Ann Wall. Watch them perform on Day 3. Join us April 18 on FB Live at 2:00 PM UK Time 

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