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Wholistic Health Alliance Youth Brigade Launches Teen Mental Health Initiative

Aagam Prakash

Wholistic Health Alliance Youth Brigade


Teen Mental Health Initiative


Wholistic Health Alliance Youth Brigade is proud to announce the launch of its ‘Teen Mental Health Initiative’. Given the rise in mental health issues arising from the pandemic, this timely initiative is dedicated to raising awareness about teenagers’ mental health problems and subsequently taking action to mitigate the adverse impacts.

Founded BY teens FOR teens, TMHI’s goals include creating a world where teens’ mental health is assessed and addressed in the same manner as physical health. Additionally, it will work on providing teenagers with resources to better their mental well-being.

The initiative will have an Awareness Campaign and an Action Campaign. The Awareness Campaign will shed light on the issues surrounding teens’ mental health, in the hopes of changing attitudes and creating positive reform. The Action Campaign will focus on improving the environment of teen’s lives to mitigate mental health issues arising for youth of this age.

If you are a youth/ student, please consider volunteering to make a difference. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/bqGFGyE1inKpwfsx7 and/or follow on Instagram: @teenmentalhealthinitiative

To learn more about this specific initiative you can visit our informational website:


About the Youth Brigade (YB): This is a youth volunteer group under Wholistic Health Alliance (WHA) that aims to involve youth in starting and engaging in conversations around health. It is targeted toward youth in the age group of 13-19, with the belief that healthy habits should be inculcated young. A healthy childhood and youth ensure a healthier and productive adult life. This platform provides an opportunity for our Youth to meet, have a conversation in their own ‘lingo’ within their own ‘tribe’, inspire and support one another, hopefully entrenching them soundly on a healthier life through education, interaction, and role modelling. Participating and contributing to non-profit activities allows them to give back to their community as well.

About Wholistic Health Alliance: Wholistic Health Alliance is a nationally launched non-profit organization dedicated to building healthy communities. WHA aims to bring together complementary/holistic medicine practitioners, fostering collaborations, building stronger networks, and enabling a more intimate relationship between practitioners and the community. We currently operate in the states of Massachusetts and Colorado, with more Chapters in the pipeline. To learn more about us click here:


http://bostonvoyager.com/interview/meet-pratibha-shah-wholistic-health-alliance-winchester-ma/ More about WHA Youth Brigade here: http://www.lokvani.com/lokvani/article.php?article_id=13618

Like us at https://www.facebook.com/WholisticHealthAlliance and follow us on Twitter @WhaGroup and Instagram @Wholistichealthalliance

You can reach us at: wholistichealthalliance.group@gmail.com

(Aagam Prakash is WHA Youth Brigade President. )

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