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Happy New Year From Satsang Center

Sudhir Parikh

SATSANG wishes Happy New Year 2021.  Jan 1st the day to take Sankalp – as to how we wish to accelerate our Spiritual journey.  Wish for Health (Covid Free & Safe) and Happiness, Peace & Prosperity - Physical, Mental & Spiritual. 

SATSANG Center wishes to express deep sense of appreciation to all the contributors and well-wishers for their contribution in the COVID Year 2020.

As far as 2020 donation is concerned, if you would like to mail a check, make it Payable to SATSANG Center,  Address:  SATSANG Center, One Pleasant street, WOBURN MA 03045.   If you live nearby, you can put it in SATSANG mail box, by the entrance on the right side of piller.   Now a days, mail delivery is very slow. 


One Pleasant St., Woburn, MA 01801 USA

FOR  I. Darshan & Aarati:  

Weekdays:   SatSang Program @ 7 PM with Aarati @ 7:30 PM  
Weekends:  SatSansang Program @4 PM w/ aarati @ 4:30 PM              
You can also deposit the check in Bhet Peti. Some of us have NOT received our 2021 Calendar yet, which has the Appeal letter.  Calendar was mailed from Bharat on Nov 26th & 27th. 

However, any checks received in the beginning of Jan, with the intention 2020 -Donation, we will accept that as 2020 Donation and the receipt will be issued by the end of January.   Please put December date and put it in Memo as 2020 and if you wish to assign the specific cause. We will be setting up online donation in 2021.  

SATSANG is Non-Profit, Tex-Exempt Organization Tax ID # 020-413-763.

Your Contribution is Tax-Deductible to the Extent Allowable by IRS.

Also on ZOOM ~  ZOOM  LINK!   https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8012418962pwd=bDZvV2k4OWp5dE5JQkJsTEFyMC9lUT09Meeting ID: 801 241 8962     
Password: JaiSiyaRam   
Pay attention to CAPITAL Letters.

Plz Visit our website www.satsangcenter.com for any updates and Zoom Link.         

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