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For The Mathematically Inclined

Anil Saigal

Problem 1

January 1st, 2021 falls  on a Friday.  Which is the next year when January  1st will fall on Friday?

Problem 2
On 1st January, 2021 a puppy ways 11 pounds.  The puppy puts on 0.01 pounds of weight every 5 days until she reaches 20 pounds. After that she puts on 0.001 pounds ever 5 days when she reaches 30 pounds, 0.0001 pounds every 5 days when she reaches 40 pounds.  When will the puppy or rather the dog weigh 50 pounds? 


Please send your solutions info

Use Problem Solutions M-12/31/20 as the subject line. Please include your full name in the text of the main message. Everyone with the right answer will be acknowledged in the next issue of Lokvani. 

Please do not post your solution in Post Comments. No credit will be given for solutions not sent to info@lokvani.com. 

If you need clarification on any problem, please contact info@lokvani.com.


Problems from M-12/17/20

Problem 1
A cow is tied with a rope of length 120m  at a corner of a square field with side 100m. The field has a fence enclosing from all four sides. If the cow is outside the fence then what is maximum area the cow can graze?

Problem 2
If the cow is tied inside the fence then what is the maximum area the cow can graze?

Congratulations Ramachandran Balakrishna.

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