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NESSP Executive Board And Committee Nominations

Press Release

NESSP Executive Board and Committee Nominations OPEN FROM December 24th to January 14th 2021

As you may be aware of, the Shirdi Sai Temple located at 99 Shirdi Way Groton, MA is run by New England Shirdi Sai Parivaar (NESSP) which is a Local Non-Profit organization.
From Beginning of 2021, NESSP’s day-to-day operations will be managed by an Executive Board (Also Known as Executive Committee) consisting of 9 members. All 9 members serve on the executive board for a 2-year term.
NESSP seeks nominations for all 9 member positions from eligible & qualified volunteers to serve on the executive board.
Executive Board is supported by various committees in day to day functioning of the Temple.
The committees are led by at least two leads and supported by number of team members. Committee leads and members serves on the committees for a 2-year term.
Various committees are supported by number of members. There is no particular limit on how many members serve on a particular committee. 
For the term beginning February 1st, 2021 to January 31st, 2022, NESSP is seeking nominations for following:
1. Executive Board - To serve as executive board member for a 2-year term. All 9 positions are open for nominations.
2. Committee Leads - To serve as committee Lead (2 Lead positions per committee are open for nominations).
3. Committee Members - To serve as committee member (No limit on open positions, but an individual cannot nominate themselves for more than 2 committees as a member).

1. The Person strongly believes and supports NESSP's Mission and Vision as listed on Temple website (www.nessp.org)
2. The Person should have been consistently & actively volunteering for various Temple activities as follows:
      a. As a board member within in last 5 years. OR
      b. As a committee leads within in last 5 years with a consistent and demonstrable track record of service for any committee OR
      c. As a volunteer who has consistently worked for last 5 years on various temple activities with a demonstrable track record of service.
3. The Person is willing to commit for serious bandwidth (a minimum of 10-15 hours per week, on and off the Temple premise) towards supporting Temple's day-to-day operations and activities.
4. Only 1 nomination per family for an executive board position.
5. To serve in the Executive Board, we seek people who brings drive, passion and enthusiasm for volunteering for a nonprofit to support its day-to-day operations.
6. People holding top executive/Board level positions at other Non-Profit organizations are not eligible for applying to executive board positions. We believe that serving and volunteering for a non-profit for any cause is a passion which requires commitment, dedication and bandwidth beyond one's regular Job, family responsibilities. Serving on more than one such Board/Executive level at the same time would be a stretch and won't do justice to any. This is also required to avoid any conflict of interest.

7. A person can apply to both an executive board position as well as a lead position for a committee.
1. The Person strongly believes and supports NESSP’s Mission and Vision as listed on Temple website (www.nessp.org)
2. The Person commits for consistent bandwidth (a minimum of 8 hours per week. for a chosen committee).

3. The Person should have been consistently & actively volunteering for various Temple activities as follows:
     a. As a committee leads in the past for any committee and have a successful track record of providing services to the temple.
     b. As volunteer for any activity for 5 years from Temple’s inception in 2006 till now.
4. Committee lead positions are for people who can commit for 2 years. It is not for people who can only commit for seasonal and ad-hoc bandwidth. If cannot commit for 2 years but still want to serve in a committee then please nominate yourself as a committee member.
5. NESSP is looking for people who can bring skills, passion and drive to help lead committee of your choice (If you are selected)
1. The Person strongly believes and supports NESSP’s Mission and vision as listed on Temple website (www.nessp.org)
2. The person is willing to commit some bandwidth for your chosen committee (one can nominate for a max of 2 committees)
3. NESSP is looking for people who can bring passion and drive to help drive functions of a committee of your choice.
4. For a committee member there is no requirement of prior volunteering experience but a desire to volunteer their services.


1.      NESSP IT Committee (Includes Audio/Video/IT Systems/Security Systems)
2.      NESSP Bhajan Committee
3.      NESSP Charity, Philanthropy and Wellness Committee
4.      NESSP Info Desk and Store Committee
5.      NESSP Communication, Web Design, Fliers design Committee
6.      NESSP Decoration Committee
7.      NESSP Finance Committee
8.      NESSP Temple Event Management Committee
9.      NESSP Cultural and Creative Arts Committee
10.  NESSP Educational and Training Committee
11.  NESSP Temple Building Operations and Maintenance Committee
12.  NESSP Marketing and Fund-Raising Committee
13.  NESSP Go-Green Committee
14.  NESSP Bhandara Committee

IMPORTANT: NESSP follows a selection process by taking chits out in front of Sai Baba. NESSP does not follow an Election system. Chits are only taken if there are more nominations for open positions then the number of open positions.
For example, there are total of 9 open executive board positions and if more than 9 eligible & qualified nominations are received then only the chits will be taken out.
The Nominations are open from Dec 24nd, 2020 and closing mid night of January 31st, 2021.
The nominations should be submitted online by the person himself/herself using the online nomination form.
Only 1 (One) nomination per family will be allowed to nominate for an executive board position to eliminate any conflict of interest.
For a committee lead positions, a person can nominate themselves for a maximum of 2 committees. Indicating one committee as first choice and another as second choice. If a person is picked up through chits for both first and second choice, then the person will be allowed to keep only one committee as a lead and has to vacate the second committee lead position immediately. The vacated lead position will be put in the pool for second round of chits for all such committees where positions are vacated due to individuals getting picked for 2 committee lead positions. The second round of chits will be picked up only among people who did not got picked up in first round. Both rounds of chit pickings will be done in one meeting.
During the first half of January 2021, all nominations will be evaluated against the qualifications & eligibility criteria as mentioned above. Nominations not meeting the qualification & eligibility criteria will be rejected and notified soon after. All qualified candidates will be notified when chits will be taken. The whole selection process will be recorded. It is not a requirement that eligible candidates attend in person the selection process but encouraged to attend.
If there are more qualified nominations received for executive board or committee lead positions, then in first half of January, names of all the qualified & eligible nominations will be written on simple chits and put together in a box and chits will be taken out in front of Baba. Chits will be taken out for executive board positions first and then for lead positions.

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