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Asian American Commission Invites Applications For Executive Director

Press Release

The Asian American Commission (AAC) represents the interests of Asian Americans throughout the Commonwealth and is dedicated to advocacy on behalf of Asian Americans throughout Massachusetts. The Commission's goal is to recognize and highlight the vital contributions of Asian Americans to the social,cultural, economic, and political life of the Commonwealth; to identify and address the needs and challenges facing residents of Asian ancestry; and to promote the well-being of this dynamic and diverse community, thereby advancing the interests of all persons who call Massachusetts home. The 21 Commissioners of the Asian American Commission, appointed by the constitutional state officers, make up this governing body.

The ED is a 3-year appointment, with the possibility of reappointment, reporting to the Commission and responsible for the Commission’s financial stability, programmatic goals, and overall mission. The ED will fulfill the following responsibilities in collaboration with the Commission:

Primary organizational responsibilities:

● Inspire, shape, and execute current and long-term organizational goals and objectives.
● Provide and empower Commissioners with the tools and support to implement strategic initiatives and projects; support and incorporate diverse perspectives of Commissioners; set realistic expectations and deadlines in conjunction with overall Commission priorities.
● Submit all Commissioner applications to Appointing Authorities and keep the Commission informed about the nominating process; direct an annual swearing-in ceremony for new Commissioners.
● Manage onboarding for all new staff/Commissioners.
● Manage monthly Commission meetings; solicit and develop agenda items in collaboration with the Executive Committee, and ensure that meeting minutes are captured.
● Oversee communications with Commissioners related to meeting protocol; provide timely, accurate
information for the Commission to function properly and make informed decisions.
● Work closely with the entire Commission, including Executive Officers and Committee Chairs.
● Hire and supervise well-qualified staff/volunteers, in consultation with the Executive Committee and subject to Commission approval; conduct annual performance reviews; identify training opportunities for staff/volunteers.
● Serve as ex-officio of each committee; coordinate meeting times, set agendas, record notes, and report updates to the Commission.
● Maintain official documents and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations; serve
as the Commission’s Public Records Officer and respond to record requests as needed.
● Leverage technology and effectively use social media platforms and applications; offer technical support to staff with computer hardware/software.
● Maintain AAC website and email accounts; assist with technical issues as needed.
● Coordinate the creation of an annual report for the Commission.
● Other duties as approved by the Executive Committee.

Financial responsibilities:

● Maintain effective financial practices; provide monthly financial reports to the Commission.
● Explore grant opportunities from publicly available sources; write and submit applications for grants to support activities of the Commission.
● Provide logistical support for the Commission’s fundraising activities, e.g. the annual Unity Dinner. 
● Review and develop contracts for services as directed and approved by the Commission.
● Lead the annual tax filing efforts for the Commission’s nonprofit entity.
● Manage the development and execution of the Commission’s annual state and nonprofit budgets, subject to Commission approval.
● Track and implement consistent inventory and cost accounting policies, procedures, and operational reporting/metrics.
● Review the Commission’s annual State Appropriation; report spending and requests with the Joint Ways & Means Committee; lead efforts to secure state funding for the Commission.

Community responsibilities:

● Provide quality programming in collaboration with the Commission; organize and manage programming/community events.
● Be an effective voice for the Commission, aiming to strengthen and unify the diverse Asian American community in Massachusetts.
● Forge and maintain relationships with stakeholders, community organizations, and state/federal agencies.
● Identify and execute opportunities to promote the visibility of AAC throughout the State.
● Convene regular meetings with community partners and build new relationships for the Commission.

 Minimum Requirements
A successful candidate will be a proven, seasoned leader and a self-starter, bringing 5-7 years of professional experience in the management of a community non-profit and/or for-profit organization, government agency, or business. A graduate degree may be considered as part of a candidate’s professional experience. Strong project leadership, and excellent writing, technology, and interpersonal skills are essential. This position requires the ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends. This position may involve in-state periodic travel once the COVID-19 state of emergency is lifted.

Preferred Qualifications

The ideal candidate should be articulate, resourceful, and enthusiastic about being an active participant in the Massachusetts Asian American community. Familiarity with accounting best practices, Open Meeting Law compliance, and conflict of interest policy is helpful. Experience with conflict resolution, mediation, and capacity building is preferred. Good working knowledge of Boston-based, regional, and statewide Asian American community organizations is optimal.

The salary range for the position is low to mid $60s with benefits and a flexible schedule.

This position is a three-year appointment, with the possibility of reappointment. The ED is considered a state government employee. The position is subject to State Funding and approval of the Commission.

The Commission’s Hiring Committee will begin reviewing applications on January 10, 2021.

Applications may continue to be submitted through January 30, 2021 or until the position is filled.

Approximate start date: March 1, 2021
Time commitment is Full Time (37.5 hours). The AAC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to the AAC Hiring Committee: jobs@aacommission.org.

Please direct any questions to Commissioner Danielle Kim, who is chairing the Hiring Committee: danielle.kim@aacommission.org.

For more information, visit the Commission’s website at

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