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Linguisticcs, Neurology And The Science Of Speech

Press Release

The important point that Indian philosophers inquired was the origin of speech.  Who speaks in us? How do thoughts come to be and how do they convert into words? 

Speech is identified by voice which is a signature for each individual. Expression of basic human emotions is same everywhere and they are expressed in different voices.  Speech expression is between a mother and a child or a lonely man's prayer.  Speech is natural. Speech enveloped in grammar becomes language.  We use language to communicate ideas.  We learn our language in the active period of our life.  Speech continues to be the origin of language with the thought converting into words as we speak..

Mr. Prem Nagar will give us a comprehensive review of the developments in
the field by the western philosophers and the modern clinical findings.
Though it is a dense topic, it is in our everyday use, so we can relate. 

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