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Kashmir-Ground Realities And Core Concern

Geetha Patil

An educational webinar program on ‘Kashmir: Ground Realities & Core Concerns’ was co-sponsored by Panun Kashmir, World Hindu Council of America (VHPA), Hindu Policy Research and Advocacy Collective (HinduPACT) and Hindu Media Bureau (HMB) on Sunday morning, December 13, 2020. The distinguished panelists delivered their thought-provoking speeches on the various aspects of the ground realities and core concerns of the Hindu community after their Exodus from Kashmiri. References were made to a series of anti-Hindu programs and attacks that took place shortly after the inception of the Muslim-dominated insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir in 1989, which eventually forced the native Kashmiri Hindu Pundits and other ethnic minorities out of the Kashmir Valley. Live telecast on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter made it possible for thousands attended this program as an audiences and made it a successful event. 

This webinar was started when Shri Kiran Wattal lit the ceremonial lamp while Shri Kanwal Peshin recited a prayer. 

The speech by the first panelist, Dr Agnishekhar, a writer, historian, and political activist focused on his assessment of the political situation in Jammu & Kashmir, what has changed and where are they are headed. He said that few things happened sporadically in the last 30 years, but they are still refugees in their own country. 

Shri Lalit Ambardar, a Building Design Consultant, a TV and Current Affairs Commentator, and one of the most sought-after political program panelists of Indian media spoke on the Post Article 370 Abrogation situation by highlighting the state of terrorist activities and the level of Religious Fundamentalism in Kashmir and the Jihad aspect of militant Islam in global context. 

Shri Sushil Pandit, Co-Founder, Roots in Kashmir (RIK) an initiative to raise public awareness on reclaiming roots that identify Kashmiri Pandits, a well-known historian and Kashmir activist and a scholar of the Kashmir conflict in India and one of the most sought-after political program panelists of Indian media and a guest speaker on the subject of Kashmir, narrated very lucidly his understanding of Government of India’s initiatives that include: Domicile Act, Scrapping of Roshni Act, and Land Law Changes and expressed his opinion where will these Acts lead them. 

Dr. Girdari Bhan who has been living in the United Kingdom for many decades, worked for the at National Health Service, associated with the Kashmiri Pandit Association UK, the Indo-European Kashmir Forum and with the Jammu-Kashmir Study Circle, UK delivered his speech on the situations of Kashmiri Hindus from an outsider perspective and shared his impressions of the survival efforts of Kashmiri community after its exodus from Kashmir and what have been achieved by them so far. 

Mr. Pintoo-ji Pandita, a ground zero Socio-Cultural Activist originally from Kashmir, at present, he is based in Jagti Refugee Camp located near Nagrota, Jammu.  Currently, he is serving as the President of Global Solace, an (NGO) and is also the National General Secretary of Vishwa Kashmiri Samaj. He spoke very elaborately on the conditions of refugee camp dwellers in general and their struggles, described what the concerns of Kashmiri Hindus and lastly talked about their hope for their future generations. 

Dr. Ajay Chrangoo, the Chairman of Panun Kashmir, a political movement of Kashmiri Pandits founded as a result of the forced exodus and genocide of Hindus in Kashmir, in 1990s, a political analyst on J&K affairs and a freelance writer on human rights & terrorism spoke on the need to recognize the rights of the aborigines of Kashmir, he talked about the aspirations of the Kashmiri Hindu community and shared his vision for a permanent settlement of Kashmiri Hindus back in Kashmir.

 Moderator, Mr. Sanjay Kaul introduced each panelist to the audiences with their brief bio sketch and managed the program very meticulously. He thanked all the panelists for their inspiring and informative speeches. He thanked all the audiences for their active participation. He thanked his team of organizing volunteers namely Lakshmi Kaul, Amitabh Mittal; Ajay Shah, Janamjay Shishupal & Uphaar Kotru for their kind support and help.                                                                             


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