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In Conversation With Zuby

Nirmala Garimella

Zuby is a forward thinking, passionate business Business strategist and a Sales & Marketing Leader. Zuby has held several innovative and transformational roles across industries. Her background is as unique as her, from retail, Data Warehousing, Security & compliance, Program management, Business & market Intelligence to Sales. She never ceases to amaze me. In her last role at RSA (formerly dell Computers), Zuby was the Head of Global Sales Strategy and Chief of Staff to the SVP of Sales. I have known Zuby over the last 25 plus years, and one thing I know is that she does anything she puts her mind to.  She is a committed and caring person, and will go the extra mile for all.  Her passion for anything to do with home and family plus her creativity continues to surprise me. 

Zuby has since moved over to a career in Real Estate Services and launched a new online restaurant catering company called SpiceDelightCatering.com. Today, in conversation with Zuby, I am excited to talk about her latest venture with cooking.

Why did you start this program?

Ahh! You have touched my pain point. As a working parent I have felt the pain several times knowing that I won’t have time to cook for a couple of days. I especially dreaded calls to my work asking, “mom, what is there to eat?” My husband does not cook so I end up with the cooking task. I pride myself in ensuring a cooked meal awaiting my family, always. Pre-COVID, when socializing existed, this topic frequented conversations amongst friends, asking if we knew someone who would cook and deliver Indian meals.

Thus, I began searching for a solution. Besides restaurants, my options were to find people who cooked in their homes for which I had to go pick up the food. Another option was to have people who would come to my home and cook for us, but we would be tasked with picking them up and taking them home. Over time I even started seeing tiffin services pop up but most forced a subscription service with little variety. My pain continued, and for 15+ years I kept saying I need to create an online restaurant delivery solution; for not just working professionals, but for many who don’t cook. And even for those who want to explore different meals. Thus, during COVID, with a fatigue of cooking, I did something about it. Spice Delight Catering was born.

What is Spice Delight Catering?

We are an online Indian restaurant that delivers fresh cooked quality meals to select cities in the Greater Boston area, delivered daily. We specialize in Meal Packages (serves 2-3) and full Catering services (serves 20+).

What is your specialty?

Our primary offering is packaged meals, called Daily Meal Packages and Create Your Own Combo. We have incorporated the best elements of the old-fashioned Indian Tiffin Service into our business model. However, we do offer a larger variety in meal choices (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and most importantly without a subscription.

What do you offer?

Besides free delivery to select cities, we offer our customers meal scheduling for up to one week in advance making it very convenient and easy to plan ahead. Delivery is contactless and integrated with online payments. Besides small meal packages, we offer Boxed Meals which are individually packed and serves 10 or more; especially helpful given Mass State Covid19 laws. In addition, we also offer several Specials.

How does your program work?

It is very simple. Place your order by 4 pm and the meals are delivered the next day between 11 am - 5 pm. Orders can be scheduled up to one week in advance. You select the day and time.

What were your challenges?

I needed a place to cook, chefs to cook non-greasy/ low-fat homestyle meals, and reliable/ on-time delivery. It is all about value. I.e. reasonable, bottom line, tax inclusive prices.

One evening, in a passionate discussion, I shared how I felt and wanted to start this business to a family friend, who I knew had the operations and logistics experience needed for this task. I convinced him to partner with me. Together, along with our chef, we have over 75 plus years of experience in cooking, restaurant/food operations technology, sales/marketing, and market intelligence. We worked out the details and this passionate idea to discussion became a reality. Today, we are fully functional.

What tips do you have for our subscribers?

Plan ahead!!! If you can’t cook the meals, do not stress. You have options. Outsource the task. Come check us out at SpiceDelightCatering.com


Questions placing your next order, please contact Zuby at 781 572 5234.


 From Narges and Abbas Iranmanesh

Good evening Zuby,

The food from Spice Delight Catering is Delicious, and exceptional. We have tried many different Indian restaurants and honestly this by far is one of the best from all of them. The food is fresh and excellent and the prices are very reasonable with good portion sizes. The spice level is exactly as you specify. We prefer mild food, and the food is truly mild. Would highly recommend with many selections of delicious meal packages and on time delivery.

Thank you.

 From Shiv Kumar and Kavita Jha

 The food was really amazing, definitely the best in town. It is difficult to find good Indian food these days, particularly the naans. The vegetables were very tasty and kid friendly too. The customer service is excellent and they take feedback in a very positive way. Delivery was contactless and on-time. They were no concerns that needed to be addressed and the polite approach of the owner and the overall experience was simply A++++++++++++++


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