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Indian Americans For Burlington Celebrates Diwali

Press Release

Indian Americans for Burlington is well-famed for its signature Diwali event for the last 4 years, year after year, setting new milestones, celebrated in a grand way, welcoming a huge public gathering in the heart of the Town Common every year. We have embraced a unique way to celebrate it this time by complying with the most challenging ‘new norm’ of social distancing and covid safety.

We had a delightful string of activities, workshops and competitions for 3 days leading to the Grand Virtual Diwali Entertainment Program comprising unique theme related performances in a variety of performing arts namely, dancing, poetry, singing and a play. Each of these performances represented our program themes of hope & humanity OR equality, equity & inclusion.

Our guest speakers for the evening were : Senator Cindy Friedman, Selectman Jim Tigges and School committee member Martha Simon. 

The event started by going down the memory lane of the last 6 years of IAB which was praised an lot. The theme of this year's Diwali was “MAITRI - lighting the path of hope & humanity; equality, equity & inclusion”

1.     Opening Dance – Ganesh & Shiv Vandana - Kathak Style Ganesh & Shiv Vandana by Mona Mitra.

2.     Songs: Shiva & Shakti – the Ardhanarishwar, the Shivashakthi - Carnatic musical ensemble by Aparna Balaji’s Abhyaas School of Music and gifted students of Aparna Balaji.

3.     Ummeed, the journey via Kathak – under Mona's Dance Academy by Mona Mitra and her students.

4.     Poetry recitation - Aaj Agar yeh dhal gaya hai & Tu Zarra Hai by celebrity poet Sunayana Kachroo Bhide is a well-famed poet, film writer & lyricist.

5.     Premiered on IAB Diwali Show – PUNYA MAATI, an ensemble of songs, dance and narration presented by Madhuparna Sen & team.

6.     Hey Ishwar, Allah, Yeshu….ek tu hi bharosa – contemporary dance by our very own talented Burlingtonian Bhumika Patel, performing a contemporary style dance

7.     Halloween Meets Diwali - AKASH PRADEEP – an experience on the evening of CHHOTI DIWALI – “Natak”/Play presented by Basu-Saigal Productions

8.     Samarpan ko tere praman – “Salute to the Unsung Warriers of Covid” – a dance ensemble by Moumita Banerjee & the students of Tarana School of Kathak

9.     Dance Carefree! You can do anything! DFD Academy - Devika Dhavan & team

We also emphasized on our most important civic duty during the event , that is Voting. We presented a unique dance ensemble paying tribute to all those who worked tirelessly serving us in our daily lives during the current pandemic. 

We have had a testing time thus far this year due to the pandemic. This Diwali we wanted to fill every home and every heart with bountiful of joy and cheer. And let this time be the perfect time to reflect on various ways we can assist others and shine our light into the world.

Please note:

BCAT will be board casting othe event on the following days and times :

Saturday, November 14th at 3pm & 10:30pm and again on Sunday Nov 15th at 1:30pm & 8pm.

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