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Team Sankalp And Ekal Vidyalaya

Press Release

Our team whom we fondly call Sankalp (meaning – “Oath”) is back for 2020. 

Our aim is to support Ekal Vidyalaya on its mission to help rural communities in India flourish. Ekal achieves its goal by providing them basic education, health awareness, and vocational training, which includes efficient agricultural practices and rural entrepreneurship.

Last year the Sankalp team had successfully raised donations to support 620+ schools in India through its events based in the United States and India. This year COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone’s life, henceforth it is no longer possible to host large scale events. But this did not impact team Sankalp’s spirit. We are introducing a series of workshops with various categories catered towards different audiences.

Along with workshops, team Sankalp will be hosting a Grand Event of the Year. The event will be a virtual concert featuring renowned celebrities from the Bollywood Industry!

We look forward to having your support in the journey towards creating awareness and raising donations for Ekal’s noble cause.

For more information please visit our website www.sankalpusa.org 

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