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Laugh A While - Jokes


Did you hear about the Italian chef that died? He pasta way. We cannoli do so much. His legacy will become a pizza history. 

What do you call the Tom Cruise movie about cooking? A Few Good Menus. What did Bacon say to Tomato? Lettuce get together! 

Why is the chef so mean? She beats the eggs and whips the cream! 

What did the French chef give his wife for Valentine's Day? A hug and a quiche! 

Why shouldn't you hire a midget chef? The steaks are too high. 

What was the epileptic chefs house speciality? Seizure salad. 

What did the toaster say to the slice of bread?

 "I want you inside me!" 

What is the chef's favorite thing to do? Cut the cheese. 

 What are chefs always trying the win? The Hunger Games. 

What did the host of Top Chef say to the contestants? Lettuce begin. 

Why did the pastry chef get arrested? For baking and entering. 

What do you call a Disney movie about a chef? James and the Giant Quiche. 

Why did the chef have to stop cooking? He ran out of Thyme.

 Why did the chef quit? They cut his celery. 

What do you call a restaurant that makes you throw up? Two Grills One Cup. 

What music do chefs play in the kitchen? Wok N Roll.

source: http://www.jokes4us.com/peoplejokes/chefjokes.html

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