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Mind Is A Garden, Weed It, Nurture And Nourish It !

Ajita Bhat

Mind is a garden, weed it, nurture and nourish it !

The soil in our NE yard is very rocky.  To raise vegetable beds, we have to remove the debris, bring out the seedlings and replant them as the weather improves. We have to nurture, water, and weed the patch.  It is such a joy to see those tiny plants grow doing their very best in the very short season we have here.  Varied shaped leaves, purple, yellow and orange blossoms, bees and insects buzzing around all vegetables hiding behind the stalks are quickly enjoyed.  

Our mind is like that---watch it, prepare it, feed it, nurture it and weed it.  Give it, it’s due attention, positive thoughts through satsangs, good friendships, and anything that helps us move in that direction.  Remove the weeds, negative thoughts that pull us down and weed out the negative shows, negative literature, negative friendships -- never hesitate. 

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