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Sangeet Sammelan At Hindi Manch Antarashtriya Mahotsav

Press Release

Hindi Manch is pleased to announce that it will start its Antarashriya Mahotsav on October 9 with Sangeet Sammelan, a conglomerate of Bollywood singers from several countries including Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada and South Africa.  The organization’s Sangeet Vibhag will showcase these singers while connecting hearts through the universal language of music.  

For the Antarashtirya Mahotsav, Hindi Manch had to let go of its popular Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa competition format.  It would have been very difficult to conduct that in a virtual program.  The Sangeet Sammelan format will be the first of its kind presented by any organization ever.  The singers have been carefully selected by the Sangeet Vibhag based on their skill level and recognition that they have received in their respective countries. Some well-known celebrities from India will also join the Sammelan and will share their own stories and some songs.  The Sammelan promises to hit all the high notes to mark the start of the Mahotsav.  

Additional details on specific singers and celebrities will be coming soon.  For more information, please visit Hindi Manch website at www.hindimanch.org or email info@hindimanch.org

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