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IDC: Mind, Brain And Intentionality - The Current Advances In Research

Bijoy Misra

Our next seminar in the study of human speech is next week Saturday, Sept 26, 9:30 AM.  Dr Bela Kosaras will lead the seminar by summarizing the latest neurological research on the brain related to speech and language. The title of the seminar is "Mind, Brain and Intentionality - The Current Advances in Research".

Dr Kosaras retired from the Harvard Medical School and has been a partner in research with us since 1995. The seminar is free and you register by sending mail to idcinboston@gmail.com. A Zoom link would be provided next week Thursday.

Abstract created by Dr Kosaras:

The biological function of the brain is to take care of our body functions.  We also use it for thinking, reflecting and decision making.  Here the mind is the executor that gives us our personality exhibited in the quality of our work.  We don’t know exactly what the mind is and how it operates. Some think that the mind is the result of our brain’s compilation of all events and the stimuli affected by it.  But the activation of the mind remains an enigma.  The late thinking is that we may be able to communicate with our mind or influence it through our intentionality, an activity of which could be detectable by neural mapping (fMRI) in the brain.


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