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Sachi Badola's Podcast Talks About Growth Mindset

Press Release

Sachi Badola, a rising junior at Chelmsford High School came up with the idea to develop a podcast series addressing Mindset in every aspect of life. She was introduced to the growth mindset concept by her mentor early in her life and she became very fascinated by it. She read various books on this topic and in particular was inspired by Dr Carol Dweck, Professor at Stanford, who developed the "Growth Mindset" concept, the mind behind mindset. With a growth mindset, students believe that their abilities and skills can be developed, and their failures and challenges become opportunities for growth. This is specifically important for learning; we all make mistakes, but should never give up.  She decided to collaborate with Dr Rohit Chandra, Psychiatrist from MGH to brainstorm the idea and different topics. They both decided to address 4 different topics in the podcast series, Positive Psychology, Racism, Education and Wellness. Sachi decided to use this platform to raise awareness about having a good mindset and support the EKAL schools by dedicating the 3rd episode to EKAL. 

Mindset Monday Episode3: Mindset on Education

This episode included esteemed guest, Dr Matthew Beyranevand, Math and Science coordinator at Chelmsford public school, who addressed very important topics for students, parents and educators.

1. How can you make your students engaged and develop a growth mindset?
2. What is the role of parents in kids' education?
3. How to cope with remote learning ? What can you do to develop a better mindset? 

These skill sets are invaluable for everyone, but are especially important for underprivileged children who face many challenges in their lives and need a growth mindset in their learning. By making a donation, you are strengthening the spirits and minds of three  million children. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds to incorporate a growth mindset into the EKAL education curriculum. EKAL Vidyalaya has done so much for these young kids and adding a growth mindset will further empower the students to believe in themselves!

Sachi urges you to donate to this important cause! Please share and spread the word about this. Any amount that you can give will benefit these amazing kids.

- See more at: https://www.ekal.org/us/campaign-detail/growth-mindset-in-ekal-school-curriculum#sthash.uwLVhM2X.dpuf  

Other Podcasts by Sachi:

Mindset on Positive Psychology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWA7ubDGxns

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