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US Census 2020 Identify As SIKH In The Race Section 9

Press Release

2020 Census is currently in progress and UNITED SIKHS is happy to announce that after over a decade of struggle, the Census
bureau has allowed us to enter ‘Sikh’ in the section of race in the form. Every year, the US government provides billions of dollars in benefits to people of different communities on the basis of their total count and population. It is a proud moment for our community that for first time in US history, we will be counted separately as ‘Sikh’. On the basis of this data, the government provides direct resources to communities including health care, education, workforce assistance, food assistance, disability services, infrastructure to name a few. However, we can only access these benefits if each and every one of us fills the census form and identifies ourselves as a Sikh.

The Census is taken only once in a decade, so we can not lose out on this
opportunity. It is our humble request to the sangat to please fill out the Census and help in securing our identity for our coming generations. Anyone regardless of immigration status can and needs to fill the form. The information can not be shared and will only be used by the Census Bureau. So do not hesitate and do not be afraid.

UNITED SIKHS has resources to help and assist the sangat in any regards to this Census. You can access the Census form through our website unitedsikhs.org or through our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you face any problems or have any questions in filling out this form, please email reach out to UNITED SIKHS Census Support at census@unitedsikhs.org or call 1 888-243-1690.

Charhdi Kala!

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