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A Virtual Collective Prayer For The ‘Shree Ram Mandir Poojan

Geetha Patil

On the historic ceremony and the auspicious occasion of Ram Janma Bhumi Pujan, a virtual Samuhik (collective) national prayer program, “Ram Raksha Stotra and Shree Ram Chanting by Priests from USA, Canada, and Caribbean Island” was organized with the joint efforts of Indo-American Community of Massachusetts, Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA), Hindu Mandir Executive Conference and Hindu Mandir Priests’ Conference, on Tuesday, August 04, 2020 at 8:00pm (EST) with utmost piousness and devotion. Around 81 priests from 60 temples participated in the chanting program followed by a melodious live Bhajan session from Mumbai by the playback singers Ms. Sanjeevani Bhelande and Mr. Anup Jalota. Hundreds of Ram Devotees enjoyed live chanting and Bhajans by joining the live streaming sessions by Gayatri Video and VHPA on the YouTube and Facebook social media platforms.

The program started with the welcome speech by Acharya Krishna Kumar Pandey  founder, president and Acharya of the Shiv Durga Temple, Bay Area, CA and keynote address by Dr. Abhay Asthana, President of VHPA America who said that there is an eagerness among Hindus across the world over the Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan ceremony for the Ram temple and the construction of the grand Ram temple at Ayodhya is expected to be completed in the next three years. HSMN’s (Hindu Society of Minnesota) president, Ms. Vallabha Tantry (Minneapolis, USA), humbly invited all the priests to chant Ram Raksha Stotra and Shree Ram Stotra one by one in a singsong tone. Their harmonious chanting created a spiritual atmosphere and sent out their divine message to the cosmos to bless the construction of the temple with all its glory and spender. Ms. Ami Patel (Toronto, Canada) thanked each priest for chanting so well and rhythmically and making our hearts vibrate in tune with the energy and spiritual appeal of their chant and expressed her thanks to MS. Vallabha for coordinating the process of chanting so diligently.

The second part of the program started with the live melodic and musical singing of Lord Ram Bhajans by Mr. Anup Jalota, who is popularly known as the "Bhajan Samraat" (Emperor of Bhajans) and Ms. Sanjeevani Bhelande, who is a famous playback singer in Bollywood. She is well-known for her English book and album Meera and me and has given over 2000 live concerts. She scripts, comperes and manages her concerts with charm and grace. She modestly invited Mr. Anup Jalota Ji to start the program with his popular Ram Bhajans with some poetic and philosophical pieces in them, added a rhythmical swing/lilting appeal to the bhajans. Later, Ms. Sanjeevani took her special devotional concert to the next stage of spirituality and holy fervor that everyone’s mind sunk in the ocean of Ram Bhajans with her singing that had emotional quotient. She introduced her accompanist

Mr. Abhishek Singh on behalf of the Indo-Community thanked Acharya Krishna Kumar Pandey, Ms. Vallabha Tantry, Ms. Tejal Shah, VHPA Boston Chapter’s president, Mr. Kaushik Patel and Vice -President of VHPA America, Mr. Sanjay Mehta, Mr. Sanjay Saxena, a volunteer priest of Gayatri Parivar, Mr. Deepak Rathod and Gaurav Dixit for their time and support in organizing this mega event successfully.

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