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Virtual House Party With Joe Kennedy III

Geetha Patil

A Zoom Virtual House Party with Joe Kennedy III was organized by Indo-American Community of Massachusetts on Sunday, August 09, 2020 at 11:00AM with more than 80 participants. It was a nice meeting with a promising, young, progressive politician who is ready to push for a change. He has a vision and a mission for the bright future of Americans. Mr. Joe Kennedy is a Democratic running for US Senate for Massachusetts Primary 1st September.

Mr. Avinash Kaza, the Co-Founder & CEO of Upswell welcomed and thanked all the participants for their active participation in their active participation in the election campaign and showing support. MS. Shova Sharma welcomed Mr. Joe Kennedy to virtual meeting room and introduced him to the participants. Mr. Abhishek Singh presented a brief introduction of joe Kennedy to the audiences. Mr. Subu Kota, Founder and CEO of The Boston Group USA and President of Samarthanam Trust USA endorsed Mr. Joe Kennedy and promised his and Indi-American Community support and wished him all the best.

Mr. Joe Kennedy spoke about his own family's immigrant story and that racial tensions of the past and the present. He said that he strongly advocates immigration and racial justice. We need such voices in the U.S Senate if the U.S. has to remain as a great country. He answered very thoughtfully the participants’ questions on economy, education, and health care system.  At the end, “I am grateful that you're engaged with my campaign”- said Joe Kennedy.

Ms. Tiffani Sykhammountry explained to the audiences how to get visibility in this campaign, why to vote in the primary and the easy steps to follow in vote by mail, vote early in person and vote on Tuesday 1st September. She also requested everyone’s help to share the information with more than 300,000 people and to follow three quick steps: 1) Make your plan to vote, 1)Make sure every member of your family applies to vote 3) Reach out to five friends and talk to them to cost their vote to Joe Kennedy. She urged audiences to join them on social media team to share the content, socially distanced standouts or “viz”, put up yard signs in the neighborhood, write letter to the editor as well.

Mr. Srini Gondi acknowledged the hard work done by the volunteers and all the organizations, business entrepreneurs, doctors and engineers who have come together to work on this task. He also thanked all the media teams for their coverage and the campaign office team for putting together this event to talk to Mr. Joe.

Mr. Abhishek Singh and Ms. Shova Sharma moderated this house party very meticulously. Both thanked Ms. Hailey Reed for following up with all the registered participants and sharing with them the meeting information. They acknowledged the enthusiastic participation of the audiences and Mr. Kennedy and his team with full gratitude.

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