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Janmashtami And Shiv Abhishek In Satsang Center On Shravan

Press Release

Janmashtami on Tuesday 11th 10:30 PM to 12:30 AM & Wed  Darshan - Zula Palan from 5 to 8 PM.   
Same Covid Guidelines applies as for Shiv Abhishek, given in Details as follows.  To come to Temple on Tuesday, you must call Sudhir 603-661-7101 or Uttambhai 671-312-7189.   As we have Limited Spaces.  Only 11 Families. First come first served.   For more Details, Pls check the Website. satsangcenter.com

Shiv Abhishek in SATSANG Center on Shravan Mondays:       Hari OM NamahShivay OM! 

1. We are planning to conduct Shiv Abhishek on upcoming last three Mondays in SATSANG Center. You can only attend one Monday of Shravan Puja. 

2.  PLEASE arrive at 6:30 pm giving us ample of time to organize and set up. Puja will start promptly at 7:00 pm and after puja started, front door will be closed. After puja, front door will be re-opened for Darshan only until 8:30 pm. 

3.  Please take an advantage of last 2 Monday’s of Shravan Puja on August 10th and 17th, 2020. 
4. All attendee’s to bring their own puja items, a) Shiv link, Paper dish, paper cup, flowers, Asan to sit on, after puja plz take puja items with you, Aug 10th Mag, and Aug 17th Jav with this puja should be done (Tal and Mag we can supply BUT Jav we may be able to supply, we will advise you by WhatsApp 

1. You should register on this Link. First come, First served! We have limited capacity for 11 couples, in 11 Boxes. 


-shravan To open link control and click 2. 

Below are guide lines:   Must follow state Covid 19 guide lines. 

1.  If you traveled in MA from restricted state within last 3 days, you must be quarantined for two weeks according to the state guide line. 
2.  Volunteer will be checking you in at front desk, 
a) Your temperature (must be under 100 degree F’ ( if it is over you will not be allowed in Temple) 
b) You have to complete and sign in the form and waiver form at the front desk. 
c) Plz place your shoes will in the bag. Volunteer will place your bag at Winn St. Exit door where you will exit. (Temple is marked as one way, avoiding passing each other). 
d) All attendees will follow RED arrow and stay in RED box 
e) Must wear Mask, covering nose and mouth, and keep Mask on whole time while in Temple, and use sanitizer at front desk. 
f) It is advisable to wear hand gloves. 
g) While in Temple, please do not engage in close conversation, must keep 6ft social distance. h) After Puja, you must leave temple, minimizing spreading of Covid 19. 

3. Plz co-operate with Volunteers. If you have Covid -19 Symptoms, plz do not come. 
4. You are welcome to join Daily Pujan – Abhishek on Zoom. 

5.  The daily Shiv Abhishek on Zoom for last three MONDAYs will be from 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm. Same Zoom link and you can find it also on www.satsangecenter.com Highly appreciate your cooperation & understanding. 

May Shiva Bless Us! Hari Om Namah Shivay Hari Om! Jai Hanuman! 

For Question’s call Uttam at 617-312-7189 Sudhirbhai at 603-661-7101

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