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In Conversation With Manikya Sanghi

Nirmala Garimella

 Manikya Sanghi is an 11 years old, Multiple Award Winning Author, World Record Holder, happy storyteller & painter from India. He intuitively creates and narrates stories on the spot. ‘Wizard of Sansanadia’ is his first Fiction Novel from the series of ‘Chronicles of Tierra’. The young author delivers intricate and demanding plot with the finesse and originality that belie his young age.

 Manikya is a school student and lives in New Delhi, India with his family. At school Manikya is considered a curious, hard working and enthusiastic child with well rounded interests. He has also received ‘Academic and Overall Excellence Award’ and ‘Chairperson’s Honour” from his school for the previous academic years. He has won several Gold Medals in various International Olympiads in different subjects. He regularly participates in several co-curricular activities and has diverse sets of interests and talents

1. You are 11 years old. Tell us which was the first book that you read that  fascinated you and why?

My mother used to narrate to me fairy tales, saint stories and moral stories of different cultures. When I started reading myself, I read those books along with Panchatantra and stories by Enid Blyton. I was fascinated to read the stories which my mother had told me as I really liked them. Since I already knew the stories, thus learning to read- became comparatively an easier task. 

2. What is your process of writing? Do the ideas and word flow naturally and do you spend an hour or two every day doing this? How long did it take to write this novel?

When I was 9 years old, I got an opportunity to attend some special meditations with my parents, by my mentor Sri Maa (Founder of Institute of Spiritual Sciences, India). I was guided to do it for making my future bright.  During those meditations I got the inspiration to write this story. After that I intuitively got brilliant ideas, unique character names and more, one after the other. I have mentioned about this in detail in my book- Wizard of Sansanadia for everyone who would like to know more.

After getting the inspiration of the story, character names etc., I started to note them down in a notebook. Then I developed the characters and other details. I organized them in charts and also wrote some descriptions. One day I narrated the story of the three main characters of the story- Sun God King Avilon, Princess Lily and Princess Evans to my mother. She recorded it on her phone. Then she encouraged me to tell more. I told the story chapter by chapter in following weeks. Finally it was typed and I edited it many times. After the whole story was written, I wrote down some portions which were required to explain the story better.

It took me around two years to complete the book. I have completed this book by giving few hours every week, after completing my studies and other activities at home. It is now presented to you in the form of this book and more to come in this series. I had lots of fun writing this story. Hope your will equally enjoy while reading it.

3. You seem to be inspired by many individuals around you? Tell us more about them.

My mentor Sri Maa, my grand-parents and parents have taught me that that I can learn from everywhere and every time. Thus all kinds of people and things continue inspire me to learn and progress in positive direction shown by life. 

4. Give me an insight into your book and the plot?

The Wizard of Sansanadia an award winning novel, the first book of the series, Chronicles of Tierra.  It is a high fantasy story of twins- Sugatin and Saeru born as a blessing to a childless Royal family in the magical land of Sansanadia. With feelings of revenge towards Gods, the greatest sorceress ‘Queen of Albatross’ curses one month old prince Sugatin to become compulsive, greedy and evil. He is destined from that moment to destroy all races and uphold evil on Tierra.

 The story starts revolving around journey of the parents and this young boy struggling to overcome his own inner evil. As he grows, he leaves no stone unturned to prove himself to be the most powerful wizard on Tierra through his evil deeds. But as per the fortune prophesized at his birth, life keeps moving him towards meeting ‘The One’, who’s first sight would transform him back to his original self.

The story begins with a touch of a fairy tale kind of plot, but continues to become a very interesting and engaging adventure- of both inner journey and outer aspirations of Wizard of Sansanadia.

This is thus a story of courage, true love, extraordinary examples of bravery and hope in overcoming one’s own dark truth- even if it is a result of outer circumstances.

Locket of Zazul, Crystal Orb,

Gods, Fairies, Elves, Giants, Pixies,

Sage, Kings, Queens, Dragons, Trolls, Griffins,

Together come alive to change one destiny!


Will the once innocent and now greedy Sugatin meet ‘The One’… Find out in this adventure…


Each story ends with an important moral lesson for everyone of us to deliberate on.  Join the Wizard in his fantastical life journey.

As per the reviews received from readers who have read my book, ‘Wizard of Sansanadia’ has all the elements of a successful novel: complex plot, intricate details, command over language and great imagination. The lucid way in which the story unfolds, the super imaginative names of its characters & places, and appropriate linking of various events, all make it a superb book. An interesting read for all ages.” 

On 11-2-2020 Hindustan Times (School Edition)  said about Wizard of Sansanadia, ‘This story will inspire all to overcome their innermost darkness and help them achieve their true potential.’

I, Manikya would personally like you read it as I also find this story to be very interesting myself. This is for all age-groups. I will be really motivated and encouraged if you read it

5. Share with us your other hobbies.


My hobbies and interests include painting, story-telling, making new recipes, reading books, doing yoga and playing board games with my grand-father. I am also an avid collector of coins and stamps. I have a collection from over 100+ countries, which I have mostly received as gifts and have collected from travellers.

I also love to explore my environment and keep learning about new topics. I love all subjects. History as a subject and Historic stories interest me very deeply.

6. What do you hope to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I would like to be a happy, healthy and good human being. Presently I would like to keep writing books. I am also looking forward to create a positively oriented game based on my stories, which kids and people of all ages can enjoy and learn.

7. What is your next book going to be about?☺

 My next book is the sequel of my first fiction novel ‘Wizard of Sansanadia’ from the series of ‘Chronicles of Tierra’. The book has a very exciting and engaging story. I would like to keep further details as a surprise for you.

8. Finally any thoughts to share to other aspiring writers like you?

There can be wonderful stories hidden in the hearts of many children and adults. If story writing is your hobby or your passion then you should follow it. You should not stop yourself from writing the book of your dreams. It will convey your ideas and thoughts to the wide world, through a simple piece of text.

 The aspiring authors should record their thoughts on the regular basis (like have done) which will help in compilation of the books. It can be done by recording audio, or typing or writing in a notebook. I love reading stories. Hope I can read your story one day.




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