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South Asian Youth Activists And Allies Presents "Racial Solidarity As South Asians"

Press Release

South Asian Youth Activists and Allies presents
Saturday August 8th from 1:15 to 2:15 pm

ISW is excited to announce a new ISW group to reach out to South Asian young professionals.  It is called SAYAA, or "South Asian Youth Activists and Allies". We are fortunate  to have a second generation of ISW community members who on their own had raised the voices  by organizing vigils, posting on FB and hosting podcasts and writing articles . We have all seen them grow up  and they were members of ISW's IYG group.   With the support of the Executive Board of India Society of Worcester,  they came  together  under the 'ISW Young Professionals Group' initiative last month, in July 2020.

We will be hosting an online discussion to launch the group as part of India Day 2020 on Saturday August 8th from 1:15 to 2:15 pm. During the session  there is a talk by Kavya Balaji on “Racial Solidarity as South Asians”. Kavya had written an eloquent letter to “Uncles and Aunties” about why South Asians should be concerned about Black Lives Matter movement and was profiled on CNN and other news channels. After her talk, she will be joined in a panel discussion with members of the ISW SAYAA  They will discuss why the South Asian community should care about the Black Lives Matter and provide some historical context about immigration and the civil rights movement. We encourage you to attend if you are interested in learning more. Join us live on Facebook at: facebook.com/iswonline/live/  

So kudos to the SAAYA Committee and we hope all will attend the online session .    Let's support them and learn something from them.   

We are also looking to gauge the interest in this group and encourage you or your children to share your opinions in the survey. Click here to take it.

SAYAA - South Asian Youth Activists and Allies

SAYAA is committed to social justice and racial equity initiatives in the south Asian community.  Through dialogues, and engaging with peers, it plans to advance the  mission of organizing social justice activism, standing in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) peers and self-reflecting on the community’s role in perpetuating injustice within the South Asian community. The group is interested in working with individuals ages 14-35 but welcomes opinions/suggestions from others. For any additional questions, please email ISWYngPrf@googlegroups.com

SAAYA Committee: Shubh Agrawal, Keerthana Balakrishnan,  Danush Chelladurai, Tanvi Jain, Aditya Khanna, Kavya Raghunathan, Aarshiya Sachdeva

Advisors: Raj & Shiamin Melville

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