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Chinmaya Mission Boston - Paving The Way & Other Online Events In August

Press Release

Paving the Way!

Many of us have our set "ways" of doing things, a reflection of our background, beliefs and experiences. Yet, how do we deepen our understanding of these beliefs, truly internalizing them and connecting them to who we are? 

Chinmaya Mission Boston welcomes you to "Paving the Way: Our Journey from Values to Virtues." In this online retreat (dates - Aug 21 to Aug 23), Shri Vivek ji will guide us to bring understanding to our values -- transforming them to Virtues.  

For registration and more details, please visit this link:

Chinmaya Mission Boston - All Online Events in August

In this COVID-19 lockdown times, Chinmaya Mission Boston is happy to bring different online events that will cater to people of all backgrounds and age groups to focus on individual betterment. Please take advantage of these important online events from the comfort of your own homes.


Aug 17 - 21 -- Life Balance - A virtual camp for youngsters conducted by Shri Vivek ji

Aug 16 - 18  -- Online Satsang with Swami Ramakrishnananda ji - Three Paths .. Karma, Bhakt and Jnana

Aug 19 - 22 -- Online Satsang  with Swami Ramakrishnananda ji - Chapter 10 Natakadipa

Aug 21 - 23 -- Paving the Way - A retreat for evolving adults by Shri Vivek ji

Please see the event flyers for more details and register online ASAP.

Swami Ramakrishnananda's Pravachans


Life Balance: Hacks to Wholeness
Online JCHYK Camp

Paving the Way 
Virtual Retreat for Evolving Adults



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