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Election Campaign Kickoff Program In Support Of Mr. Robert Lancia

Geetha Patil

Indo-American Community members from MA and RI organized an Election Campaign Kickoff program in support of Mr. Robert Lancia (B0b) who is contesting for Congress from District -2, Rhode Island, on July 12, 2020 from 11:00am to 3:00pm at Goddard memorial State Park, RI. Due to COVID -19 situation, around 60 members attended the program. They not only endorsed his nomination but also showed their enthusiastic support for his landslide victory.

The program started with a briefing for maintaining social distancing, using hand sanitizer, and wearing mask unless eating or speaking followed by a meet and greet hour along with sumptuous snacks, fruits and drinks. Pandit Bairavasundara Sivachaiar from Bellingham temple blessed the program and Mr. Robert for his success by chanting Vedic Mantras.

The main program started with the introduction of Mr. Robert Lancia and justification of his candidacy for United Congress elections 2020 by Ms. Dorinne Albright, a candidate for State Representative from District-2, RI and Ms. Suzanne Cienki, the chair of RI GOP (Grand Old Party) by saying, “Mr. Robert is the best candidate as he connects readily to people’s issues, concerns, and questions and works with due diligence to set them right. He considers serving public is his duty not career”  

They also said that Republican Party’s  Mr. Robert Lancia served as a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, representing District 16 from 2015 to 2018. At the beginning of the 2017 legislative session, this legislator served on the following committees such as Environment and natural Resources, Health, Education, and Welfare and Veterans’ Affairs very industriously and earned much public appreciation by sponsoring various bills in these areas.

Then, many well-known entrepreneurs, doctors, academicians, and business members of Indo-American Community, Mr. Parag More, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Ms. Vandana Pitke from RI, and Mr. Karan Salin, Mr. Sanjay Gokhale, Dr. Shefali Agarwal, Mr. Kaushik Patel, Mr. Raj Gupta, Prof. Balram Singh, Mr. Anil Chawla, Mr. Arun Seva, Mr. Abhisekh Singh, Mr. Deepak Rathore spoke about Mr. Robert Lancia, his achievements, values, and policies, and defended their standing as, “why they think he is the best person to hold this political position.” They also talked about his new and contractive ideas that can be used to build our bright future and America’s dream. Ms. Sruthilaya and Ms. Pooja Tewari presented beautiful Indian classical dances and entertained the audiences.

At the end, Mr. Robert said that he is the person who believes in establishing close contacts with people he meets not just shaking hands and taking pictures. He always takes his encounters with people especially with immigrants to next level and becomes part of their efforts and tries to understand their struggles, concerns, and issues. He also said that immigrants work hard and pay taxes; so, they and their children are entitled to avail all the economic and educational opportunities and make their live comfortable and contended. He also expressed that natural allies of USA especially India and US should come closer and build stronger economic and military ties. Before concluding his inspirational speech, he thanked everyone for supporting him and boosting his energy.

Mr. Abhishek Singh thanked all the audiences for attending the program with his short notice and making it a grand success. He thanked the MCs of the program, Ms. Shova Sharma and Mukta Munjal for managing it very meticulously and the dancers for their gorgeous dances . He acknowledged with much gratitude the efforts of all the volunteers who went extra miles for arranging the stage and bringing in the required things and arranging rides to the students. He also expressed his appreciation to all the Indo-American Community members from RI for all their generous help and support.

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