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SAPNE: Summer Poetry - Songs Of Liberation

Bijoy Misra

Every year for the last three years we have been hosting an oral and folk literature celebration with the aim of bringing out the spirit of the masses to the world.  The folk poetry in the subcontinent is oldest in the world and the tunes are local, natural and empirical.  The melody and the rhythm of the folk tunes are yet to be studied. Thy have moved on to more organized music through short clips, glimpses and phonetics. 

Keeping an eye to the awakening in the world on human rights and social relations, we have thought of dedicating this year's event to the them "Liberation".  We invite poems in any language having the spirit of liberation.  In the context of the subcontinent we have issues of political liberation, social liberation, economic liberation, gender liberation and religious liberation.  You are invited to recite a song of your choice in any language pertaining to liberation.  We prefer singing to appreciate the melody. The heart speaks in sentences than in letters.

The meeting would be virtual and is scheduled on August 16, Sunday, from 10 AM to 1 PM to accommodate international participation.  You can
join as an observer if you so like.   Please send a request to idcinboston@gmail.com.  Please send me mail directly misra.bijoy@gmail.com if you would like to recite. 32 participants have already confirmed their participation.

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