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Daily Aarati And Saravan 2020 At Satsang Center

Sudhir Parikh

Finally SATSANG has 2 volunteers for daily Aarti. The Center will be open at 7 pm Monday to Friday and the Aarti will be held at 7:30 pm.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Center will open at 4:00 pm and the Aarti will be held at 4:30 pm.

Below are covid-19 guide lines which everyone must follow:

1) Must arrive before 7:30 pm / 4:30 pm. Door will be closed at 7:30 pm  / 4:30 pm. You'll see reason below.

2) Main volunteer will prepare Aarti, while 2nd person will be checking you in i.e. temp, complete & sign in checking & waiver form at front desk by entrance door.

3) Everyone will place shoes in bag at front desk and volunteer will place them at side door on Winn street exit door.

4) All attendees will follow one way as marked in RED arrow and stay in RED box.

5) PLEASE do not come to temple if you have below conditions

a) Temperature over 100 degree F:

b) If you travel in MA from restricted states per state guide line (carry with you your report that shows Negative on Corona Test.  

c) Must follow state guide line                          

d) and, please corporate with volunteers.

SATSANG Center is open for daily Aarti now.

Please bring your own mask.  Without mask nobody will be allowed to enter the temple.  If by any chance if you forget it, we can supply.

Mask must be worn inside the Temple and maintain 6 ft of social Distancing!  

In addition, everyone is welcome to join Shiv Satsang everyday in Shravan.  

Weekdays Shiva Abhishek from 7 PM, Shiv Aararti @ 7:30 followed by Daily aarati.  Then Shiv Satsang till 8:15 PM.   Weekend timing as it is 3:30 PM Shiva Satsang, 4 PM - Shiv Abhishek, 4:30 Shiv Aarati then Daily Aarati.   Rudra abhishekam.  

Shiv Satsang will include understanding Populat Shiv Sutras such as Dwadash Jyotir Ling Shloak, Shiva Manas Puja, Shiv
Panchaxer Strotram, Lingashtak, Rudrashtak, Aatma Shatakam, Bilvashtak, Shiv Mahimna Stotram, Maha Mrityunjay Stotram, Shatang Aayuhu (100 Years Long Healthy Life !)  Mantra, Bhajan Kirtan and Dhyaan.

Proposed Shiv Katha and Kirtan 
1.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zu_6p3r4J4   By Rameshbhai Oza
2.  ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjpfdEsM7qY  Manas Rudrabhishekam - Parish Kath 2019
3.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C97g-S5fkWc  Mnas Shiv Sutra 1989 Katha in KedarNath - Picture Quality is Very Poor but the Message is Very Powerful.   

Take one of these Kathas and you can listen to one whole Katha during Shravan.  


Meeting ID: 801 241 8962
Password: JaiSiyaRam   

Preview YouTube video HARI NA JAN TO MUKTI NA MAANGE - NARSIJI PAD - PUJYA RAMESHBHAI OJHA JI IN GOVERDHAN KATHAPreview YouTube video Day - 01 || Shree Ram Katha || Morari Bapu II Paris France.Preview YouTube video 397 - Day 1 Mānas Siva Sūtra - Rām Kathā - Morari Bāpu - September 1989 - Kedārnāth

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