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Nuvvu Naaku Nacchevu Telugu Film Review

Nirmala Garimella

Starring: Venkatesh, Aarti Agrawal, Chandramohan, Prakash Raj, Suhasini, Asha Saini, M S Narayana, Brahmanandan
Director: Vijay Bhaskar

Nuvvu Naaku Nachchaav , a recent Telugu film found a way into my family’s television screen after much coaxing from a couple of friends of mine, who said it was clean and humorous entertainment. To put it in plain terms, Naaku movie Nacchaledu.Either I have lost touch with the Tollywood method of making films or the humor as defined in Tollywood is juvenile and contrived. Can we not make a single comedy without resorting to inane dialogues and plebian comic situations

The story was unoriginal as it gets. Here is the daughter Nandini (Aarti Agrawal of Srinivas (Prakash Raj) ready to be wedded to the ubiquitous NRI. NRI son’s in law have become saleable commodities (will they ever make one with a NRI bride, I wonder.) While the bridegroom to be, on the day of the engagement crudely enters his beau bedroom, while she is getting ready and makes crude comments to her, the hero Venky(Venkatesh)is hiding right behind the sofa acting silly and pretentious. So why he behaves in this peculiar fashion and what is in store for him is the plot of the film .

Venky's father, Sekhar (Chandramohan) is a childhood friend of Srinivas who has sent his son to the city to mend his good for nothing ways and find himself a job. The city friend efforts to discipline him and find him a job form part of the story . The rest is the love story of the two, Venky and Nandini and the final resolve in the end. Suhasini as the aunt who offers a glimpse of the role of a married women in a pathetically patriachial society is the only highlight of the film

The dialogue writer, Trivikram Srinivas, has made an effort at times to pep up the audience. Vijay Bhasker has obviously done well in making a film for the masses. The music by Koti is average

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