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Samvitti Natyalaya - Bhumiti


Event title : Bhumiti

Organization: Samvitti Natyalaya

Medium : Zoom

Description: An online Bharatanatyam Summer workshop for beginners and intermediate dancers. In this workshop, dancers will explore the 'Dashapranas' or 10 qualities of a dancer through games, visual art and storytelling. Come together to play a game of tangrams, draw and create visual patterns and narrate stories through adavus(body movements). From July 8th - July 15th. 2 batches are available : 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00pm -6:00pm.

To know more register here : https://forms.gle/sf5QLnDWsemvEUQE8  

For further details please contact : samvitti.kamani@gmail.com | 781-547-1550 | https://samvittinatyam.wordpress.com/

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