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For The Mathematically Inclined


Problem 1:
The whole loaded train weighs 360 tons. It has 16 wagons, each carrying 8 tons of grain. The engine is carrying 2 tons of fuel. What is the weight of the empty train?

Problem 2:
Jay's start up business makes a profit of $450K during the first month. However, the company's profit decreases by  -$60K/month for the next four months and the company makes  profit of $125K for the final month. What is the total profit for the first six months of Jay's business?


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Problems from 05/21/20

Problem 1:
The farmer calculated that the supply of fodder for his 20 cows was enough for 60 days. He decided to sell 2 cows and a third of the feed. How long will the feed for the rest of the peasant's herd last?
Answer: 44.44 days

Problem 2:
Seven workers will cut 420 stumps in 15 hours. After five hours, the two workers disappear discreetly. How many hours will the remaining workers complete the task?
Answer:  14 

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