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Working With A College Consultant During The Coronavirus

Stephen Friedfeld, Ph.D.

Now, more than ever, uncertainty surrounds the college admissions process. But you don't have to navigate these uncharted waters on your own.

AcceptU's team of former college admissions is here to support you and your child in this rapidly evolving landscape. Here are a few reasons why you can count on AcceptU:

  1. Experience. With so much changing in the college process, it's more important than ever to have an experienced former college admissions officer from AcceptU to personally guide you. Our counselors have decades of prior admissions experience and, collectively, have reviewed tens of thousands of college applications.
  2. Flexibility. Now that students have less academic coursework and extracurricular activities have been cancelled, there is more flexibility. For juniors, our counselors are proactively working on the more formal steps of the process, like the college essays. Meanwhile, our counselors are working with younger students on developing a "Plan B."
  3. Support. The college admissions process has always been stressful. Our counselors remove that stress and potential friction between student and parents. AcceptU counselors are positive, encouraging and supportive - we empower our students through the process and provide them with the tools, resources and guidance that enable their success.

During times of uncertainty, first and foremost, stay safe. But many families have told us that it can also be helpful to be forward thinking - planning for a brighter future. Stay positive and productive. AcceptU can help you:

      Develop a balanced college list when college visits aren't possible

      Figure out alternative summer options in light of cancelled plans

      Dive deeper into an academic area of interest through self-discovery

      Build out compelling, "socially distant" extracurricular activities

      Plot out a path for standardized testing to stay on track in the process

Stephen has 10+ years of admissions experience at Cornell University and Princeton University. He is a founder at AcceptU, an admissions counseling group comprised entirely of former admissions officers from highly selective colleges and universities. For questions or to learn more about AcceptU, contact Stephen (stephen@acceptu.com, 617-424-0700) or visit www.AcceptU.com.

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