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Daily Satsang And Aarati On ZOOM SATSANG Center

Press Release

SATSANG Center:   Show Must Go on!  Daily Satsang and Aarati on ZOOM SATSANG Center

U R Invited to Join Zoom SATSANG Every Week-Day: Satsang @ 7 PM and Aarati @ 7:30 PM

OM Namah Shivay OM!  Jai Shri Ambe !! Jai Shri Krishna !!! Jai Sri Krishna ! Jai ShreeNathji !!!  Jai GuruDev !!!!  Jai Gayati Maiya !!!!!

Monday - Shiv JI - 
Tuesday - Shri Amba Mataji
Wednesday - Shri krishna - ShreeNathji
Thursday - Guru 
Friday Gayatri Mata

Weekend days Satsang @ 4 PM and Aarati @ 4:30 PM
Jai Shri Hanuman !  Jai Siyaram !!

Saturday - Shri Hanumanji
Sunday, Shri Ram

On Zoom only:           Plz Join from your Home     

Plz keep your Speaker on Mute During the session, unless it is your turn to sing your Bhajan,- Kirtan  or instructed differently.  Thank you!  U can keep your video on at your discretion.

If you wish to sing Bhajan or Kirtan related to that Day, plz email it to satsangcenter1@Gmail.com  

Join Zoom Meeting - U can click on this Link..... Same LINK EVERYDAY for Daily Bhajan - Kirtan and Aarati.

Meeting ID: 801 241 8962
Password:  JaiSiyaRam   Pay attention to CAPITAL Letters.

Password:  JaiSiyaRam   Pay attention to CAPITAL Letters.

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