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DIY Masks For Healthcare Professionals By Sewa


Sewa International is a Hindu faith-based, humanitarian, nonprofit service organization founded in 2003, Sewa International is part of a larger movement that started in India in 1989 and is active in twenty countries with its special services in the fields of development, disaster relief and rehabilitation. It has undertaken development projects in USA, Colombia, Guyana, India, Kenya, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Their development programs focus on family services; child, tribal and refugee welfare; women empowerment; health; and education. Sewa serves humanity irrespective of race, color, religion, gender or nationality.

 Sewa international’s vision is to serves selflessly, and with compassion to create a positive impact. It envisions and strives for a world in which all people live in harmony, free from suffering. It has a mission to serve humanity in distress, aid local communities, run developmental projects for the underserved, and assist people in transformational change through the power of innovation by mobilizing partners, donors, and volunteers.

 In the current Covid-19 crisis, the Sewa International, USA's Boston chapter is taking a step forward to support our community through its volunteer work called ‘DIY masks for healthcare professionals by Sewa’ to meet the severe shortage of face masks by the healthcare workers. A core team of 52 self-motivated volunteers contributing this project with their time and talent right from collecting fabric from stores, arranging sewing machines, dividing the work of cutting and stitching fabric and delivering the final products to the healthcare centers.

On 23Mar2020, Sewa volunteers scheduled a virtual session to teach sewing and making of facemasks. The volunteers of all age groups learned the basics of cutting fabric, taking right measurements, and sewing elastic with fabric. At present, virtual platform is playing an important role and helping people to communicate, build and improve their relationships, learn to do various activities in a new way. Several youngsters enthusiastically engaging themselves in collecting and distributing facemask materials to the volunteer’s doorsteps. These volunteers delivered more than 800 facemasks to Newton Wellesley Hospital, Massachusetts mental Health Center, Beth Israel Deaconess medical Center, Oakdale Rehabilitation and skilled Nursing Center and others so far.

Sewa volunteers are strictly following the hygienic and social distancing procedures.  

·       The material collection team wear gloves and masks while picking the fabric from the stores. 

·       After collecting the fabric, it is washed and sanitized properly.  

·       The sanitized fabric is packed in a sealed bag and dropped at the doorstep of various volunteers who are responsible for sewing. 

·       The sewing team handles the material with utmost precaution while cutting and stitching. They wash and sanitize their hands and stitch the masks in a clean place. 

·       After the masks are ready, they are packed in a sealed bag and left at the doorstep distribution team and the distribution team and are informed through about it through a phone call or a text messages. 

·       The distribution team picks up the sealed bags of masks from the doorsteps and delivers them to the various healthcare centers.  


Parents are involving their children in this community service while working from home. It is delightful to see how young children are lending a helping hand in cutting and measuring the fabric and helping their mothers and grandparents to finish their task efficiently. 

 It is incredible to witness the commitment of Sewa International volunteers in this critical time. They are determined to accomplish and foster the Sewa International’s three-fold mission of serving the community in distress, aiding the local community and promoting volunteerism and stood out as an exemplary volunteer group and definitely inspire many people who wish to offer help to the needy communities. They are our Public Heroes!

Article Credit - Sewa Website

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