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Dharma Center Support For COVID 19

Press Release

The current Covid-19 crisis has resulted in loss of jobs and livelihood of millions of people across the country. Food pantries and soup kitchens in Massachusetts are looking up to the society to feed the large number of people turning up at their centers. 

In this hour of need, Dharma Center of America (DCA, www.dharmausa.org, a 501c# non-profit organization) is appealing to each and every citizen to rise up to the occasion and help us feed 2000 people over the next 10 weeks. While doing so, we also would like to lend a helping hand to the local restaurants who can help us supply food. Since travel restrictions are in place, we appeal for you to contribute funds that will be used to pay the local restaurants (to prepare and deliver food). It only costs $10/day to feed a person. We humbly appeal to you to contribute funds that will help feed 10, 20,..100 people by donating using the following link. 



100% of the funds will be used to serve food at the following homeless shelters:

  1. On the rise, Cambridge, MA
  2. Lowell transitional living center, Lowell.

We hope you will enthusiastically lend a helping hand during this crisis in reaching our target of feeding 2000 people while supporting the local economy.

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