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Wildlife SOS - Take Action


The coronavirus is believed to have gotten started in animal “wet markets” in Wuhan, China. The virus has now spread around the world and became a pandemic.  In an attempt to curb future viral outbreaks, China has made a public announcement that they will make eating wild animals illegal. However, they haven’t made any provisions for enforcement, and they left in proclamations that allow for wild animals to still be used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Allowing the use of wild animals for traditional medicine will continue to leave thousands of species, many of which are endangered, to be illegally poached for their body parts. In addition, it does little to protect human populations from getting and then spreading novel diseases to which people have no immunity, and there are much more effective and economical treatments available for the sick. Ironically, China is promoting the same trade in wildlife that likely created COVID-19 in the first place.
Tell the Chinese government to take action to ban the use of wild animals for both medicine and food. This is to protect wildlife and humans around the globe.


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